Heating you home might increase by 30% this winter …

Because of Joe Biden’s energy policies. This increase hits the middle class, the poor and elderly especially hard. Biden has shut down the Keystone Pipeline and Federal leases. Now Biden is preparing to shut down a pipeline in Michigan. His mouthpiece press secretary, who is a mouthpiece of a puppet, denies it, but watch it become administration policy.

Joe Biden is a hand puppet for AOC and the squad who hate American. Biden does not care how low his approval ratings go because he is not running for re-election. In his brief moments of lucidity, he might realize his going down the toilet, but then his mind falls apart again.

The one under the lakes (Line 5) is bad, it broke twice, it refuses to stay put, another route was built (line 3 expansion). We had a loss of 8870000 gallons of oil spill into the Kalamazoo river into lake Michigan, and it ruined 25 miles of shoreline. Building oil pipelines, around the worlds greatest freshwater lakes might not be the greatest idea. Line 3 in Minnesota should replace all of the energy needs from Line six here in Michigan. It should avoid major aquifers, and great lakes tributaries. We pretty much traded line 5 for line 3. In a tit for tat. Now natural gas and propane, are not effected by crude pipelines. Gas Pipelines continue to expand to meet demand. The biggest reason for inflation as it exists were the three stimulus bills, meatpacking bottlenecks from Covid-Related reductions. Farmers are getting paid the same, the meat stays in the plant longer, less demand from farmers but more from customers. We have CDL driver shortages, logistics shortages, international trade issues regarding Taiwan. People have been floating letting some prisons who are CDL certified drivers out sooner. I’m a nonvoting member on the MDOC Community Corrections Advisory Board here. We have two prisons in Muskegon.

https://www.reuters.com/business/energy/enbridge-completes-line-3-oil-pipeline-replacement-project-starts-linefill-2021-09-29/ So Biden greenlit this one in exchange for 6-a. Keystone was actually built just the XL route was changed.

Regardless, we have to move away from Oil, and Coal. It’s a reality, not an if but when. All the realists in the democratic party but Natural Gas on the board next to biomass, Solar, Wind, Hydro, Nuclear.
My sister is a die hard conservative but she’s also a hunter and fisher avid naturalist. She wants line 5 down more than me… so yeah Youngkin won because voters rejected trans people in womens restrooms don’t count on Michigan if you support line 5.

Okay, pay $4 a gallon or more for gasoline and more for heating fuel. I am retired and don’t have to commute to work. I live in Florida, and it’s not that cold. I’ll be okay, but a lot of people in your class won’t be.

You don’t care about them, do you? Furthering the interests of the leadership of the Democrat Party is far more important to you.

Propane will not be affected line 5 will still transport propane. That’s not even a disagreement between Canada and Michigan. My heating is 55 a month (budgewise billing) natural gas has been going down since 2012. I heat for 1600sq feet all natural gas water heater, stove, furnace. It gets to minus 15 F here. Since Michigan has no refineries (outside of Detroit) all our Refineries use line 6 is what i am saying. Line 5 was for Sarnia Canada . Gas is always expensive here it’s 3.45 right now. It was 3.00 a few days ago I should of fueled up. Now I could see it staying at 3.50 yes, while the rest of the country minus the west coast enjoys 3 dollar gas.

But you don’t care about anyone else, do you? It’s all about the Democrats for you.

Everyone here will be up shims creek when that pipeline moves again. The line won’t stay still they tried like 3 different anchors over the years. Lake Michigan you can drink from it, as long as your not near a river south of Muskegon.

Line 6B leaked for 17 hours while Enbridge employees in Western Canada shut off alarms they thought were false and repeatedly restarted the line.

So you are all for shutting down another pipeline and driving up energy prices more. Good to know,

Having been a cost accountant, I can tell you that driving up the cost of one energy source drives up the cost of all energy sources because energy costs are often measured in terms of British Thermal Units.

Your very swift responses indicate that you have advisors who give you immediate responses. The Democrat Party takes care of its own.

Your party hates average Americans, and that is going to bite them in butt. When you hurt people with your policies, you will pay the price.

I know this, but look the lakes are sacred to our state. I can’t explain it to someone not from here. This is something Michiganders would pay more for. Even in Conservative Ottawa county people spent up to a billion persevering a pier with donations.

That is simply not true. Look renewables are going to happen not if, but when. I will be the last man on earth to get an electric car, electricity is so expensive here because were on the RFC grid within the eastern interconnection. The whole grid shut down in 2003 because of a tree. So yeah not wanting an electric car.

The bottom line is, you don’t care. The Democrat Party is all that matters to you. The trouble is, like AOC, you can’t tell when you are destroying its if two to four year prospects.

You tell me how you separate oil out of the great lakes? Is there nothing that would cause you to pay 50 cents more a gallon of gas? Anything that matters to you that much? This is about the Great Lakes which matters more to me than politics.

You are posting falsehoods, which is you stock and trade. I would be willing to say that you were supplied with responses to post here. Your responses are too quick to say otherwise given the poor performance that your press secretary gave at her last press conference.

You party is poised to screw the American people again. You had better hope you gain control of the ballot box again in 2022, because as your messiah, Barack Obama, said, you are setting yourselves up for a shackling. You can’t hurt American families like this and expect to come out clean.

You can tell that to the people who feed you Internet links,.

Yeah I’m the FBI. JK. I’m actually flattered you think that. I really don’t know how to respond. How badly I wish I was somebody. I always hoped, I’d be in civil service or higher up in society. Maybe how I conduct myself allows me to be in that situations someday.

I would not put anything beyond the FBI these days. It has become the police force for the Democrat Party, more often than not.

We are headed into very dangerous times. If you cared about the Bill of Rights, you would be concerned too.

I hate the ideological war waged by alphabet soup groups, what it does is what the drug war did to my parents generation cut them down before they could be something. Greatest minds of the generation taken over by drugs. The greatest people of this generation on the conservative side could be labeled the next ISIS, never was for thought crime, never was for drugs, pushing either concepts ruins peoples ability to self determine. I can’t stand the young folk on my side hypersexual thinking that will lead to joy, we get old we break down, something sustainable. I’d talk to my cousin about different trades, he O’d or killed himself on Heroin. Hedonism isn’t happiness.

I understand the ecological concerns, but I’ll point out that when Lake Erie was badly polluted in the '60s, they were predicting that it would take a hundred years to recover. By 1980, it had recovered beautifully, and was often billed as “the walleye capital of the world.”

Lake Erie is the least desirable of the great lakes, and still has giant algae blooms. Line 5 is great for propane, but the oil is just for Canada, it terminates at the Sarnia refinery in Canada. The other Refinery it supplied in America is now supported by line 3. I love natural gas, and propane, and that makes me a green heretic. Natural gas is more co2 efficient that what it would take to mine lithium for car batteries. Our county busses use liquified natural gas. I’m not some green purist I will not drive an electric car, I love V6 Turbos, Superchargers. I got to have 0 to 60 in 6 seconds or less, with a range of 450miles. Electric simply can’t do the range. The batteries degrade over time.

Man, I’ll pay a 200% cost increase if it will just stop this global warming. And if you don’t agree with me you’re a nazi trump supporter piece of sh–