Hello everybody,

I have been away for a while. I am away more than I am here.

As some of you may know, I have been caring for my ill mother. She has been on dialysis since 2007. She decided almost 2 weeks ago to stop dialysis. She is in a hospital bed in the living room under hospice care. My 2 sisters and some other family are here. Lots of friends and family have been by.

She has had no fluids or food since Sunday night. She has not been lucid since Sunday night. She hasn’t been to the bathroom since Sunday night. I think she has 1-3 days left.

My sisters and other family have taken it all pretty well. But, it has been harder for them than for me. I have been in the middle of the situation for 4 years. I am mostly numb to it all.

All of her final arrangements are made. The pastor was here this evening. Everything is well.


I have not had any interest in politics or most anything lately which explains my absence. After it is all over, I hope to be around more often and engage in good debate and such.

This post is not to collect a bunch of sympathy and attention. I will gladly accept and appreciate any good wishes. I simply needed to write some of this down and vent some pressure.

I hope all is well and good with you all:)


Vent away and our thoughts are with you and your family.


Ditto to what Perkins said.


May God Bless and comfort you and the family during this time of Transitions. May His Peace just surround you all. and I do look forward to your return.


My family’s prayers are with you, and your Mom.
Good Luck and may God Bless you all.


My sympathies also are with you and your family. We were there almost 2 1/2 years ago, and your estimate is probably correct. It is great that you’ve opened your home for your mother as you have … much better than her being in an institutional setting. It’s an act of love you won’t regret.



I don’t know if VenJuDe has children but, he is teaching a lesson that is priceless and ensures that future generations may do the same. this would also work for nieces and nephews.

Watching a loved one slip way in front of your eyes isn’t easy even if you think that you are prepared for their departure.

VEnJuDE, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Thank you all:)

My mom passed yesterday, Wednesday Jan 26, at a little after 6 in the morning. We had the viewing tonight which was wonderful. Lots of family and friends. Service and interment tomorrow.

I feel a bit guilty. But, all the family will be gone tomorrow. A quiet empty house and two dogs waiting on me after the funeral. I look forward to some peace and quiet.

Again, thank you all and God bless.


My condolences.


My sympathies to you and your family! Be careful in your peace and quiet. If you’ve been running partly on adrenaline the last several months be careful of a let down. Meanwhile hope to see you 'round here.


It has been two weeks since my mom died. I am doing well. I haven’t been depressed. I have been bummed out a few times…

The funeral was on Friday January 28, 2011. The day was a bright mild sunny day. Just cold enough to need long sleeves…

I started the day by texting a dear lady friend in Florida. She called me shortly thereafter and we had a nice conversation. It was a very pleasant beginning to a day that by all accounts should be sad…

My sisters, their fami9lies, and I made our way to the funeral home for the service. It was awesome. I didn’t think I would cry. But, I did. And the tears were happy tears. The service closed with Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now. Mom had joked about having Queen and other similar groups as her funeral music. But, we decided to do it and the minister thought it was a great idea to end the service with something positive and light. There was an abundance of smiles, laughter, and happy tears…

The ladies at our church catered a lunch for the family after the service. It was great. Turkey, dressing, and all the fixins. I have never had so many hugs as I did that day. The church ladies and the funeral home workers were just awesome. Everything was perfect…

We…I live in Griffin, GA. That is where the service was. But, the interment was in Roswell, GA. The family made its way there, where my mom was laid down next to my step father. His first wife and son are buried about 100 yards away on the other side of a small pond. I made a stop at their graves to make sure they were neat and tidy. My mom and I have made a few trips over the years to say hello to my step father and we have always checked on them, too…

The two weeks before my mom’s death were filled with friends and family showering us with love and care. I have been blessed with wonderful family and church family. The two weeks after have been a bit slower and less hectic. But, I am checked on often by family and friends. I am doing well. I received the death certificates yesterday and met with the probate court judge today. He was a complete gentleman and helped me in a most dignified manner. I have a few tasks ahead of me. But, I know that I am blessed and will get through it stronger and richer than I was before…

I wanted to share this with you all. I know there are good folks here. And, I know my story will help you all and be a blessing to your ears. I hope this finds you all in good health and good spirits…

It is snowing right now. It is beautiful…

Good night and may God bless…


Okay, I hope to see you around the forums more often. Also it sounded like you had a sad, but an Okay two weeks. Right? Now for the rest of the year.


Yep. Not so happy, but O.K.

I put a computer together last Sunday. Was a good diversion.


One day at a time man. You just have to keep reminding yourself that getting on with your life isn’t a betrayal of your mothers memory. Hang in there, I promise you it gets better.


Easier, at any rate.



And be sure to get out and about doing things (more than just your job).