Hello :D

  1. What state do you vote in?

  2. Are you, or were you ever a member of the armed forces?

  3. Does ‘Keep it real’ have any meaning?

  4. What are 3 or more of your favorite books (not necessarily in order)?

  5. What is the most important topic for you in the next election?

  6. How long have you been lurking around the forums before signing up?

  7. I am conservative minded individual that lives in the Liberal state of New Jersey.

  8. I am not a member of the armed forces, but I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer.

  9. No meaning other than I can smell B.S from miles away.

  10. Not an avid reader other than hot topics (politics)

  11. Looking for a candidate that tells it like it is. Definitely anti establishment.

  12. Today is the 1 st day I checked out the site. Looking to get a feel for fellow conservative minded individuals whose wishes may be disregarded due to lack of establishment control. Its clear that when Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders are the option on the Democratic side, personally its time for us to get over ourselves and support whoever is the Republican nominee based upon the the majority of the public`s support NOT establishment agendas or personalities…:beerchug:

Hi and welcome!

Hello and Thank you for your welcome.

Welcome aboard Keep it real and hope you enjoy your stay…

Welcome to RO. Glad you’re here.

Welcome to RO! We have another retired LEO here. I love cops. Man in uniform just floats my boat! LOL! BTW, I’m a girl.

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LOL and Thank you very much.

Thank you very much for the warm welcome. Also, Thank you very much for sharing your affinity towards LEO… To me individuals that provide services to help other human beings deserve more support. Teachers who educate our children for peanuts, nurses, Law Enforcement and last, but far from least our Armed Services. There are a lot of other career choices out there that provide a much higher standard of living.

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I left LE in order to improve my chances of eventually getting the chief’s job. That didn’t work out like I’d planned and I got sick of my new job as an assistant to the city manager pretty quickly. After a couple of years of misery, I taught law enforcement for about 5 years at a Jr. College which offered an AA degree in Law Enforcement. I left that job after we adopted our daughter and the wife wanted to stop working to be a mother. Even then, my job with a major oil company also involved investigative work frequently and it paid almost infinitely more than I could earn in Law Enforcement OR teaching. In my last consulting job, I made as much every DAY as I made per MONTH in law enforcement.

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Thank you for sharing. Ultimately, the needs of our families have to come first.

Welcome to RO!

I am a retired teacher. I taught mostly in Catholic schools. How can anyone teach without mentioning God?? I made even less money than public school “teachers”. But, teaching is my vocation. I would do it for nothing and that is how much I love it. I wish I could get back in the classroom now. But, my health prevents it. :sad:

As they say, “Once a law enforcement officer, ALWAYS a law enforcement officer.” I STILL find myself driving the streets at night under the speed limits looking at businesses as I drive by to see if there’s anything unusual going on. Ticks my wife off no end sometimes!

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It`s dedicated professional like yourself that are the back bone of this country. Sorry to hear that your health is keeping you from your passion.

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