Hello Everyone!


Good morning everyone! I just wanted to say hi! I have been spreading conservatism and pro-gun ideas for several years, even since I grew out of my college liberal phase… looking back, I can’t believe I was so ill-informed. I am the co-host of an online political talk show along with a confused pro-liberty-but-sometimes-moderate. I don’t want to spam it, so feel free to ask me if you’d like more information about that.

I look forward to good discussion!

  1. What state do you vote in? Michigan
  2. Are you, or were you ever a member of the armed forces? No
  3. Does your username have any meaning? Yes, I am the co-host of a political talk show called At Odds
  4. What is the most important topic for you in the next election? The economy, and with that, moving away from socialism
  5. What is your favorite music? Punk/Classic Rock
  6. What are your favorite video games? Call of Duty


Welcome! Enjoy the site. I’m a 2nd Amendment person also.




Welcome atodds!

I often miss those Michigan winters. I haven’t been back to Michigan in nearly 20 years :frowning:

After you’ve been posting around here for a week - add a link to your radio show into your signature or profile :beer_chug:


Btw, just read your political views survey. I think you’ll fit in great around here :slight_smile:



Please be sure to read our Guide to Surviving RO. The questions are to help us start to get to know you in a sometimes fun way. Besides, we’re a nosy bunch.