Hello from Colorado


Well… let’s see here, I like long walks in the park, short hikes in the mountains, pancakes, and the comfort and security a few slabs of bacon on anything I’m consuming :banana:

Seriously though, I am a Republican who as of late has not able to relate to the party in which I register to vote. My goals are to awaken in some sense, what the cause of Liberty can do to make the Republican party relevant again to all walks of life, while giving the hard core social conservatives an option where they can have some small sense of not giving up their beliefs.



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Hi and welcome! I’m not sure if you mean “relevance” in terms of voter popularity; if so, I would suggest that the one need not mean the latter. I feel that the “big tent” philosophy is a dead end.


It’s not dead. I’m obviously a Paul supporter. The problem I experienced this last election was, we were told to get the hell out of the tent, that we were not needed, nor wanted. Obama got re-elected, and then blame was shifted onto us for not supporting Romney. The sad thing is, is that for the most part, we agree on the foundation of where this country should be. The constitution and the bill of rights. The 2010 elections were a thing to behold. We came together and told all of Washington, enough. We’re done and we want our country back. It wasn’t a D or R issue. It was a, us vs them issue. And we cleaned house. But the republican establishment did a good just of changing it back to a R and D issue. If we want to save our country, we have to come together, just like we did in 2010. But were going to have to stay together through 2016 and beyond, using a foundation of liberty.


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So, are you enjoying Colorado’s legal marijuana?




While possession of marijuana is not a punishable crime now, the full aspect of amendment 64 has not gone into effect. When the time comes and I can walk into a store and buy some, just like if I were to walk into a liquor store, then it will truly be a day to behold lol


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