Hello from kommiefornia!


Hey all, 2a supporting American loving conservative Jew republican here. Don’t believe the hype, not all Jews are liberal (inappropriate coarse language deleted by PeteS), lol. Found this site on tapatalk, look forward to increasing my knowledge with facts to battle hypocrisy against the uneducated and delusional left;)

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I edited your post a little. Please do read our Guide to Surviving RO. That said,


FWIW, RO has one or more Jewish conservative or libertarian members, and Michael Medved and Dennis Prager are pretty well known. Living for several decades in Silicon Valley, and having grown up in the Central Valley, I have to ask. From what part of CA do you hail?


The Jewish people that I know tend to be Conservative. But, then again, I live in a Conservative area by choice.


Well Pilgrim, you started out right!

Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership


Sorry about the language, I’ll be sure to read the rules. Yup, huge fan of Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro. Grew up in San Diego, but currently reside in Murrieta/Temecula for the last 7 years - love this area, good people and like minded individuals.

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Likewise on both for me!

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Thanks for the resource, I wasn’t aware this existed!

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San Diego used to be pretty conservative - a Navy-Marines “town” (for those not familiar with CA demographics, San Diego is CA’s second largest city, after LA and before San Jose). Looks like Temecula is close to the Mojave Desert, with a fair number of people whose livelihood depends on land and resource usage (i.e. people who have gotten @#$%ed over quite a bit by Enviro-regs, an up close and personal experience with big government). You and @RET423 might get on well on those topics.

And I forgot about Ben Shapiro, Jonah Goldberg, and Mark Levin. Several writers on PJMedia, which I frequent, are also Jewish.


Just as in the early history of the jewish people, there are good Israelis and there are god hating Israelis. God knows the difference. Welcome [MENTION=47933]spritian[/MENTION]. I"m looking forward to your posts.


Hi and welcome!