hello guys

Hey everyone!

I’m not quite new but I’ve been inactive for a while…

Just want to wish you all a Happy Holidays and success this upcoming year.

If I can find a way to comfortably post from my cell phone you guys will hear more from me:smile::smile:

Welcome back! Hope to hear from you soon! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and will have a blessed New Year!

I remember you gonzo. Come back and post up a storm. Check out our new Front Page (the link is on the home page between Forum and Arcade.)

Many thanks for the good holiday wishes and future successes.

I hope you can get your cell phone cranked up and in good posting mode.

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Hey gonzo!

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Isn’t Jack Black “gonzo”?

This right here always has been, and ALWAYS WILL BE, the one and only “Gonzo the Great”

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Hey, hi! Good to see an old face…Qix, ain’t seen you too much either, but then I’ve been relatively quiet and absent too for a couple of months. Good to see ya posting :slight_smile:

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I stop by and read most every day, but I find that I have less and less to say.

That’s a bummer because I always enjoy what you have to say. Truly.

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Ditto what CT said, but I can relate…

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IDK, what I’d want to say has generally already been said, or it’s arguing with a fence post. :wink:

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So what? I still like reading what you post.

Thanks CT! RET usually says it better and first, though…

But you add the humor to the topic! I love RET’s comments, too, but I like someone who can be cynical and sarcastic in an intelligent way and make me laugh. It’s a gift, you know… :pieface:

Lol. I’m back for the third time…

I need to debate with you guys to stay sharp.

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Well, hi again, then :smiley:

Welcome back and I’m looking forward to reading your posts.