Hello, I am Jacob Matuszczak. Pleased to meet you all.


I am from North Carolina a few minutes from the South Carolina border. I am ashamed to say I am not brave enough to serve my country. My name is a mash of conservative and atheist or theist depending on the way you read it. My top favorite books include Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card (Sadly a democrat, but at least a smart one) My Bible (K.J.V. 1611, not the best translation but I was raised on it.) and the God Delusion, by the esteemed Richard Dawkins (Probably the only liberal I would shake hands with.) Take that curious group of books as you will. :beerchug::beerchug:
The issue I hold dear in elections are the horrors of abortion and birth control. Before I’ve join I’ve watched the forum for about 3 or 4 days. My favorite music genres are bluegrass and Japanese pop. (long story) I have thoroughly enjoyed every Bethesda game. I am a self style grammar Nazi and have been known to go on rants where asked the validity of Evolution through natural, sexual, alien, human, or any other kind of selection. I am quite egotistic and wake up every morning before 7 AM. I also enjoy cooking. (As long as the cooking style fits both manly and seductive, strip grilling anyone?) Thank you. Keep calm and carry on. That’s all :usa::usa::usa::usa::usa::usa:


Hm, the wording of the modern KJV (not the NKJV) is pretty much the same as the 1611 version, just the newer spellings of words. In the newest ones, there are a few changes to modernize some of the words (ie, in the Magnificat, “holpen” becomes “helped”). And “sope” becomes “soap” -very minor things. I’ve got one Bible with and one without the above mentioned changes. I also have access to the 1611 version on e-Sword. The biggest difference you will find there is that, for the most part, “u” and “v” are reversed. There are a lot of words ending in “e” which was dropped eventually. There are also inconsistencies in spelling - for instance, you might have either “praise” or “prayse.” Otherwise, until you come to the NKJV, that is most of the differences in the different editions. The KJV purists do not accept the NKJV, because some minor changes were made due to older manuscripts discovered since the original translation.




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