Hello Stuck Between Parties

I honestly never thought I’d be conservative on any issue. It started with Islam… I realized it was taking over Europe. I try to be faithful to God, so there’s that I feel like he is losing people to falseness. I started realizing not everything is black and white, some forms of feminism are a vent for anti-masculinity. I’m still a feminist but I’d say second generation pro choice/life (Not pro birth but pro life but I might define life different) … but viability is more like 20 weeks. At about 16 weeks is the time where a child starts having neuro-chemical synaptic repononise that not life in the human sense? When it comes to economics tho I’m to the left of Bernie Sanders more like Peter Defazio (House Rep)… There is so much greed in the economy, and it hurts so many children and uneducated folk. I do not believe in survival of the fittest I believe God created us in our image and we are to share alike (google jubilee year). The war on drugs is a war on people, but those people are sick and those who sell the sickness are criminals, getting rich off sickness and that sickness is also alcoholism. I feel like heavy users ruin it for the modest it goes back to the prohibition days. I also am I guess Ron-Paul/Edward Snowdenish on civil liberities and forigen policy so that makes me SoCo-Communo-Libertarian but I feel this way… why are there not more like me?

Ok so I’m pretty much Jimmy Carter and I’m disillusioned with my party having all these far left social stuff, and pro militararism, and losing sight of God.

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Hi and welcome! I see things in your post that I agree with, others that I disagree with; I imagine there’ll be some interesting conversations. As to political parties, in spite of the site name, several of us don’t really identify as Republican, but as conservative. Both parties have a ton of corruption.

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I agree with you on a number of things. Edward Snowden is a hero and deserves a medal. Legalize all drugs and end mandatory prescriptions!

As for your economics, you think God tells us to share so you live in DeFazio’s economic world? (DeFazio’s quite all right on a few things, imo.) Just a quick comment, and if you’re interested in discussing it further, we can make a thread: God told you and me to share. He did not tell us to take from our neighbors and give it to another neighbor. He did not tell you or me to enforce the Golden Rule on anyone else. I would submit that taking from your neighbor to give to another neighbor is theft – even when a government official does it. And I’d sure be curious how you can embrace socialist economics given these facts.

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I would say look to Sweden, Denmark, and Norway… poverty almost barely exists there. The only war we have even come close on winning is the war on poverty and the wage gap… every other social ill war gets worse. If you can convince me the Nordic system fails the poor… I would give up those economic views. Until then I’m socially conservative, Economically Nordic, and Pro-Defense Not Attack, and Pro Civililberties. You believe we shall not murder our government is in the business of stopping murder, and you believe the cry of the poor shall be heard well the government is in that business too.

The government is NOT in the business of “hearing the cry of the poor.” Read the Constitution sometime. NOWHERE in that august document does it say the government’s job is to save people from their own bad decisions or behaviors…or even bad “luck.” The BIBLE enjoins us to take care of the poor. You should note that nowhere in the Bible does it say we should give our money or property to a government so the government can give it to those it deems “worthy.” On that note, you should know that no government that taxes away more than 50% of your hard-earned wages every year is worthy of emulation…Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, France, Germany and yes–the U.S.A.

No where in the constitution does it say we put people in prison for murder it addresses the death penalty for treason only. If Governments don’t do it no one will look at the horn of Africa no taxes you can hire a private mercenary group. As far as your 50% statistic its more like 39% after being adjusted for credits… that being said we simply disagree on economic policy… and biblical standards. Maybe we should go back to the days where we only petitions the court once a crime has already been committed this is why the Gop is just as bad as the Dems they want a dog eat dog world.

Well, now you are properly introduced to the forum!

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seems so…

BS. Since it’s not in the Constitution you believe the law doesn’t EXIST??? No, it’s MORE than 50% and I can easily prove it. I’m not just talking about the income tax. I’m including STATE taxes of all sorts, including sales, property and excise taxes, local taxes for such things as “fire district taxes” and even “community college district” taxes. On top of that, NO CORPORATION PAYS INCOME TAXES. YOU do when you purchase their products or services. Corporations set their prices based on the cost of their products and services to them, including ALL of their tax liabilities PLUS corporate profits. That’s part of the reason major super markets exist on a “profit margin” of a mere 1.5 to 2%. Their taxes don’t come out of their profits. They’re factored into their prices.
In most States, the legal definition of robbery is, “The taking of the property of another, by force or threat of force, and converting that property to one’s own use…or to the use of another, not the owner!” Describes our tax system perfectly. I agree that both Republicans and Democrats are culpable in this robbery. The Constitution doesn’t do anything to restrict what YOU can do. It restricts what the GOVERNMENT can do…which, for the last 100 years or so, has been summarily ignored by our government.

I’m not familiar with the systems of the nations in question. But whenever a socialist system is claimed to be working well, I have to ask: What’s the catch? I feel sure there is an economic catch of some kind; you don’t get socialist services without the waste, misuse, and abuse that invariably comes with government bureaucracies, because the bureaucrats don’t have as much- or any- direct accountability.

That’s why genuine charity is better, or used to be. People got to know what they were donating their money to, and if said charity wasn’t up to snuff, their donations dried up.

Better still, when it can be applied, is direct charity. Throwing money at a problem only treats a symptom. Personal involvement makes people feel cared about; that does more to enable the poor and hopeless than any government program ever can.

Help me! I’m gagging.

I understand that to a degree, but he did a lot of damage. The US and our allies share classified information so we can prevent bad people from doing bad things. Our nation’s credibility took a big hit when some of that became public. We proved we couldn’t be trusted. You can’t solve problems by just making everything public willy nilly.


They’re small economies who benefit disproportionately from demands & trends that larger economies generate.

Norway has the largest Sovereign fund in the world (bigger than Saudi Arabia), totalling over $1 Trillion dollars, because, Oil. You can finance a lot with that.

Denmark is similar, and acts as a local hub for capital flight in Europe when the bigger countries decide to heighten tax rates.

Bernie Sanders once criticized us for having something like 60% of our GDP locked up in banks, in Denmark it’s closer to 140%.

Regulatory wise, they’re largely “thinner” than us too. The proverbial bumble-bee economies, who have generous welfare-states, but also very free economies, freer than us in many ways.


Please see this thread to continue the discussion on economics. @silvercord I will respond to you later in that thread.

If this is going to be a longer discussion, we should make a new thread. In general, when a government is doing it wrong, violating the Constitution and our rights, it should be out and open for discussion, criticism and correction.

Hasn’t Snowden been discussed enough already? I haven’t even heard of him in the news lately. Is he still enjoying life in Russia? Besides, while some issues are cut and dried, this one is a study in contradictions and other hands.

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