Hello To The Board And I'm Glad To Be A Member.

Try to be careful about taking JBG too seriously; he spends a fair amount of time with his tongue in his cheek. You should know that he is of the Jewish faith.

Okay, I will make a note to remember that, and thanks.

Okay, I will make a note to remember that, and thanks.[/QUOTE]I’m forming a new organization to rival BLM called “No Justice No Peace,” or NJNP. NJNP’s first job will be to avenge the murder of brothers such as Freddie Gray and Michael Brown, just hard workers who wanted to advance themselves.

Okay, I will make a note to remember that, and thanks.[/QUOTE]I will wait and see if JAG has as much tolerance of the Jewish faith as FC, Classical Teacher and Susanna do. I have my doubts.

On tolerance: My purpose in life is to share with other human beings that which I have come to believe is the truth, which I believe is necessary for their happiness and life-long well being. I can do that without attacking the other person. I don’t enjoy attacking people and I don’t do that. I have experienced enough pain in my life to where I do not want to cause any pain in other people, and when you attack them that does cause some emotional pain at some level. Its also against the rules.

I believe a man can make love the central principle of his life without becoming mushy.

The highest New Testament principle is love (I Cor. 13) and if I am to take the New Testament seriously (and I do) then I have to find some way to express my love for other human beings without attacking them.

Its true the Lord Jesus had some harsh words for the Pharisees in the gospels, but I am not the Lord Jesus and I don’t know the hearts of men like He did/does. So I don’t attack people. I simply share what I have come to believe is the truth. That’s what you do too, isn’t it.

The Apostles of the Lord Jesus also had some harsh words for certain people, but I am not one of the Lord’s Apostles and I do not have their authority.

The New Testament demands from me that I love you and that I pray for your conversion to Christianity and that I share with you what I believe is the truth. I can do that and not attack you and not attack your Jewish faith.