Hello, Young Republican looking to get involved in the party.

Hey everyone. I recently just started to get involved within the Republican Party this year. I started volunteering/working on a local Campaign for a open State House seat in Tennessee knocking doors everyday, phone banking, and attended events. I have been to a few local Republican events in my county and hope to continue to. I am under the voting age (currently a freshman in High School) but still want to get involved as much as possible. One of the main things I want to accomplish on the forum is get some advice for possible starting a Young Republican/High School Republicans in my School/County and need to possibly get some advice down the road.

Sorry for the long boring introduction so here is the questions:

  1. I live in Tennessee. My dad is a voter here but my mom is a voter in Ohio.

  2. Not yet, I respect what they do but can’t see myself joining the armed forces.

  3. No meaning

  4. The Art of War (The Campaign manger and the guy who is running for State house told me to read it and it was great. You can apply it to anywhere in life). I enjoyed Donald Trump’s Crippled America.

  5. Keeping America well protected and safe.

  6. Not long

  7. Country and just basic Pop/Top 40 hits stuff

  8. ???

  9. Call Of Duty, CSGO, League of Legends




I love a lot of Top 40/Hits stuff too. Welcome/


Hi and welcome!

Welcome aboard.


Welcome, Tucker. Hope you enjoy RO.