The name’s Red_Kuba. You could call me Jake. Red is the color of true Conservatives/Republicans. No, I’m not a Cuban national. I’m Polish. It’s short for Jakub. I’m seventeen and can’t vote. New York is my state. Brooklyn is my city. Favorite books: “Diplomacy” by Kissinger, “A Tale of Two Cities” by Dickens, “White Eagle, Red Star” by Davies. Most important topics: abortion, economy, role of government, welfare reform. I’ve joined quite a few forums before coming here, notably: “polishforums”, “politicsforum”. Favorite music: techno, discopolo, alternative/punk rock, dubstep. I feel like a badass for being a Conservative.




Hi and welcome! Not too many active, but we have a few high school/college-age members here.



How did you survive the storm.



Welcome to RO. Not sure I understand your last sentence in your intro.


@Bucks - Nothing to worry about. Got some friends at Rockaway, but their ok. They only need power.
@Admin - Sorry about that. I feel proud to be a Conservative, because I get to stand for my principles.




OOOOHHHHHH a fellow brooklynite howdy!

I guess you live in the Brighton beach area and go to Abraham Lincoln high?