Hello everyone, I was a former moderate who is now a conservative.Nice forum.My expertise is in the shroud of turin which I have been researching for 4 years




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What specifically are your interests in the shroud?


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Well I have 4 years of experience in studying the evidences for the shroud of turin, and the evidence leads me to believe it is the image of our resurrected lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Jesuit Grad Gives Presentation on the Shroud of Turin.wmv - YouTube

This is a great recent presentation of the shroud from a doctor that’s been in constant touch with the sturp team.
The evidence for the authenticity of the shroud is almost overwhelming.

The carbon 14 tests were invalidated by the peer review research of agnostic chemist Ray Rogers, a senior fellow at Los alamos labs.

There is just too much info to put into one post.


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