Hello everyone. I have decided to join this forum in order to learn more about the conservative ideology. I am a liberal and I don’t see any signifigant realtions between my self and the conservative ideology. My experience with conservatives have been less than great, many of whom were either trolls “WE SHOULD MAKE SEBIENT DOGS IN ORDER TO FIGHT FOR US” or incompetent. I am hoping to learn more about the conservative ideology from a serious point of view, as I believe the Republican Party is dieing, IE minority groups are growing in population many of whom have liberal ideologies, I wish to see a conservative take on issues and ideas, and take part in discussion and debate with Republicans. Hopefully the attitude of the people I meet here are better than those of other conservatives I have met and that we can partake in interesting discussion despite our diffrent world views.


Well have fun! Welcome!


Well, we’re semi-serious and semi-civilized here. Hi and welcome!


Welcome, enjoy the site.
Be sure to read the Survival guide, first post at the top of this section.

Also be sure to fill out your political views survey, link is underneath your post count.


Bienvenuto alla questa forum.


You might wanna start by engaging on fiscal and constitutional and liberty issues rather than on social issue if you want RATIONAL discussion. :slight_smile:


Hm, it looks like you’ve come to troll religious threads instead of “learn about conservative ideology.” What a shame.


But if you read the rest of my post, I also mention I was interesting in debating as well. I have kept to the topics of all the threads I have posted in and simply posted the other side of the coin. Trolling does NOT equal an opinion you disagree with.


Gabe Newell?


Good luck with that.


I haven’t seen a whole lot of that, either.