I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY…I relocated to Florida a year ago, where I am a registered voter. The name “Yankee Rose” has a double meaning for me…I am a big NY Yankee Fan, and I love America!
I have never served in the armed forces, but I have so much respect for those who have…and from the bottom of my heart…“I thank you for your service”.
I am very concerned about the state of this country, and the damage Obama has caused in these 7 years. There are many things that concern me, but I would have to say that the most important things to me in this coming election, is foreign affairs, security , and our economy…(not necessarily in that order!).
I am looking forward to the upcoming gop debates…I feel that this is a very important election, because I feel it is more important than ever for a conservative to regain the white house to try and get this country back on the right track and to restore this country back to the greatness that she truly is!
I am not sure how long I have been lurking on this forum. I know that I registered quite awhile ago, but never introduced myself until now…I am looking forward to meeting other like minded people and sharing the excitement of electing a new president.
Thank you for accepting me into this group!

Welcome to RO!

Hi and welcome!

I would suggest that the pink text isn’t very easy to read; black or other dark colors work the best.

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