Glad to be here on RepublicanOperative.com ! About me: Im 21 years old and i’m voting in Florida. I got a lot more interested in American Politics this year after some of the exposure that lobbyists and donors are getting and the problem that poses for us as it relates to voting in someone who actually represents our ideals and not the ideals of donors. I look forward to discussing various topics on the forum and thanks for having me!


Hi and welcome!

Welcome. {Didn’t we have some guy named “brewer” here a few months back who turned out to be a troll?}

brewersfan1 was, as his forum name pretty much stated, a Milwaukee Brewers fan. Our MagnaClam sentries check IP addresses before letting new people in.


Right! Got it.

Welcome to RO!

Welcome! Have some cake…

Welcome, enjoy the site.

Welcome! We always enjoy youngin’s here! Glad to see there are some who have not been jelly-brained by the commie elites.

I got that covered.