I’m Anna, living in Australia, and proponent for women’s rights primarily

never been in the army.
name is just my name and favorite number lawl.
favorite book is song of ice and fire
haven’t lurked much.
favorite music is orchestral hans zimmer/epic style.
favorite games are medieval 2 total war and rome total war
favorite film is jurassic world
favorite tv show is supergirl

Welcome to RO!


Welcome. :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome!

Welcome. I enjoyed Australia. Y’all really need to start hunting crocs again. Think of all of the hungry babies that would feed.

Welcome. I have a nephew living in the Gold Coast near Brisbane. His wife is a school teacher and he works for an investment company. They have two children–a teen girl and a boy now 4. Never understood why anyone would want to live permanently where even one species of the mammals are deadly poisonous, let alone ants, snakes, jellyfish and spiders.

What do you consider “women’s rights” and how do you differentiate them from “rights” period?