I am a 13 year old male, I live in Arizona, I am on the far right.
I was bullied for being a republican in WA so I moved to my dad and here me and the left debate and I don’t have to defend myself.
I donate most of my money to the Catholic Church and the military.
Chisholm is my last name.


You’ll like it here.

Hi and welcome! You’re the youngest member we’ve had in recent times!


Welcome. BTW, you may not want to use your “name” on the internet. :wink:

As far as “debating” the left, I don’t do that anymore…you see, they just seem to start screaming, get red faced and the “vein” in their necks pop out. Very ugly. :grin:

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It depends on the lefty. You can find reasonable and unreasonable on both sides of the aisle, although I have my opinion as to which side has more of which characteristic.

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Hello young man, as many will tell you,I am the cranky old man here, and I welcome you, have a great time and learn!!!


Welcome to RO!