Thanks for letting me join. I’m Conservative with Libertarian leanings.








Hi. Welcome.

What do you mean by conservative and how do you lean libertarian? Just curious what that means – Do you tink conservatism and libertarianism are compatible? What keeps you “conservative”?

Can make this a different thread if you’re interested.


I am Conservative from a social aspect and the ways in which I conduct myself. I am Libertarian from the aspect of being more of a constitutional. They are not incompatible or Libertarians would not have found a home within the Republican party.

Does this answer your question?


Yeah. I’ve been curious about folks who claim both labels. Seems to me there is little room for libertarianism within the Republican Party today, not regarding social, economic, monetary or fiscal issues.

So you conduct your personal life conservatively. Me too. Do you condone the use of government to dictate social behaviors that are not conservative, such as drug use or prostitution? Or do you believe that social behaviors are none of the government’s business – or the public’s?

Do you also believe in free market capitalism? What do you think the government’s proper role is regarding the economy? Do President Trump and Congress have a responsibility to “bring jobs back”?


I’m not sure if this is a Welcome, or a Welcome back?


I typically don’t like the government to mandate social behavior. However, drug use and prostitution can be considered to be public health risks so such topics are not necessarily victimless. I do believe in free market capitalism.

I am a reluctant Trump supporter. I didn’t like him in the primaries. However, so far so good as president.




I thank all for the welcome. The format of this forum is so weird and hard to follow. I’ve checked out some topics and can’t really see what is going or see the entire conversation.


If you’re using a desktop and are in “desktop” view (selection between that and “mobile” view is at the bottom of the categories menu . . . I’m using a tablet and am in mobile view . . . the categories menu for me is the hamburger bars), do you not have a scroll bar?

That scroll bar should enable you to scroll through the entire conversation.


Welcome to RO!