Help From Administrator or Mod Please


I have been banned from another forum for “copyright” infringement.

I posted the following on a forum and I guess that I don’t know the “copyright” laws as well as I should?

I opened the thread with: “I bet they outsell the ‘Times’ tomorrow for the front page alone!”

I also posted a link: Lynch may be forced to charge Hillary after Bill’s shady powwow | New York Post

This was my whole post before it was pulled:

The following was the message to me from the leftist mod:

Instead of copying-and-pasting articles, photos, or other material you find on the Internet, you should be posting links to those articles. Posting a snippet from the article and then the link is the appropriate way to post.

I have posted the same in a lot of other forums and have not been “chastised” for it?

I posted the picture and a link so … what am I missing?

P.S. I couldn’t figure out what topic to post this under but I would sure like feedback from other members.


Copyright laws are meant to protect original writing, pics and a whole myriad of things. So what counts as copyright infringement?

Generally speaking it runs the gamut from you cannot repost at al: Usually at the bottom there will be a statement say you cannot report in any shape form, or fashion all or part etc. IF it does not a sentence saying what you can and cannot do, then you are generally safe by posting the headline and maybe the first paragraph or 2 and the a link the the document.

This is the old “software game”. Company X comes out with some new software for common use such as a word editor or a drawing program. Of course you cannot make a copy and then sell it or use it for personal gain, but then and on the other hand, if it does not get out there then no one will know just how good it is. Software companies really struggle with this. At what point are you losing money due to pirating vs the best recommendation if from some one who uses it and gives it to someone to check out.

Similar here. If someone writes a blog and no one knows about it then the blog does not get read and after a while the guy stops writing.

Who knows what NYPo wants to do, publish in a vacuum or have a bunch of folks pass it on and earn new subscribers as a result.

Anyhow banning you, should never happen unless you are a repeat offender or you are in fact using their writing and calling it your own.

In all the times I have been a MOD and on one forum we had 13,000+ active users, my own forum I had almost 2000 users. I have been on the net since the late 70’s (ARPANET) back in those day…I have NEVER banned anyone, nor have I ever fired anyone who worked for me. I personally think firing is a weak leader,

When I want to get rid of someone and have. I call them in on Monday late afternoon, about going home time and we have a heart to heart talk. I say you are cutting here, I want you to go home and review your notes from this meeting and either you change your ways or I suggest you find another job. I am kinda 50/50 on turn around vs them leaving on their own accord and I tell them I will make it a lay off if they want so they can draw unemployment while looking.

I got banned recently on a forum. I sent the Admin and mods a PM requesting that my account be closed as I was leaving and no longer had an interest in the subject matter of the forum. LOL you should have seen the RUDE and 4 letter filled responses I got back from the Admin and several mods and to top it off, I received a perm ban!!! This is done in order to keep the head count up for advertising purposes. I good forum can earn as much as $100,000 per year just in advertising, then sell memberships and there are forums that the owner gets a $250k payday every year, but they are BIG, VERY BIG.