Help me get better at cooking!!!

Okay so I have a question for all the wonderful cooks out there!!
I really need start cooking, but I am not very enthusiastic about it. I don’t know why, but I just don’t really care to cook. I don’t mind house hold chores and other things though. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone here had some simple recipes they would like to share that aren’t super hard. Maybe once I try some simple dishes I will enjoy cooking more.:cool:

First thing. Do you own a crockpot? There’s a great little book. ‘Fix it and Forget it’. GREAT recipes.

Next. Do you want to fix 3 meals a day? Do you have a family…meaning huband AND children? or No Children. Are you single? Do you know how to cook breakfast foods? Can you make an omelet?

There’s a great little book out there for the main meal of the day…usuallly dinner if that is what you call the evening meal…Saving Dinner. This is a great book? Great recipes, easy…even tells you what to serve WITH the meal, prep…And SHOPPING lists. Shall i go on? or what?

First some advice you probably already know:

Simply remember marinate if you let meat soak in a marinate you add flavor to food without becoming a chemist finding the right mix and matches. Let meat soak for a couple hours prior to cooking.

Always remember patients middle flame and low flame is better then high flame on the stove. Everything cooks from the outside in. Lower the flame evener cook.

Heres a easy one take a pound of Ground beef in a bowl.
Put a three pinches of garlic that comes in a jar in the center.
Add Red Robin seasoning and meat tenderizer.
Mix up inside a bowl thoroughly.

Make Patties and cook you cook on medium and turn every 6 minutes into the burgers center is at least 145 degrees. Be careful not to press all the grease out because you don’t want them too become dry. You’ll be amazed by the flavor.

Advice on the bread toast it because if you don’t it will be messy to eat.

Personally, I like baking cookies. They’re relatively simple (and tasty), and a good confidence builder, especially if you go with simple drop cookies instead of rolled and filled types. One thing to keep in mind (assuming you don’t have much experience) is that most recipes call for creaming the eggs, shortening (or butter, or both), and sugar together before you add anything else. It’s important to do this and not try to add the flower until you’ve mixed the other stuff and smoothed out the shortening lumps. I think I blew that one once or twice early on.

cookies. you want an inexperienced cook to START on COOKIES…and then NEXT i suppose you’re going to send her YOUR address to SHARE HER COOKIES>> clams… you are so grasping…it is no wonder that clams are UNIVERSALLY known for being so self centered and egotistical. cookies. indeed.

[quote=“Caroline, post:5, topic:14113”]
cookies. you want an inexperienced cook to START on COOKIES…and then NEXT i suppose you’re going to send her YOUR address to SHARE HER COOKIES>> clams… you are so grasping…it is no wonder that clams are UNIVERSALLY known for being so self centered and egotistical. cookies. indeed.
[/quote]Dang it, woman, I keep telling people I’m not a Magnaclam! I only wish I were! And they aren’t egotistical, either; they really are that great!

Recipe: Yellow Cake Mix Cookies

These are really fantastically easy to make.

  1. Yes I own a crockpot.

  2. I don’t want to fix three meals a day. Maybe once I get addicted to cooking =P

  3. I don’t have a husband, boyfriend, or children.

  4. I am single

5)I know how to make breakfast foods a little. I could, without a doubt, get better though!!

  1. I will have to go look up that book. Thank you for reccomending it!!:wave:


First some advice you probably already know:

Acutally no I didn’t really know that.
Thank you for sharing your advice with me though!!

Fantasy Chaser

Personally, I like baking cookies


I think I might acutally try that first. Just to see if I can make cookies without messing them up!!


]( Yellow Cake Mix Cookies[These are really fantastically easy to make


Can’t wait to try this yummy sounding recipe!
I’m going to see if I can make it to the store tonight for the ingredients!

**Very easy **- pick up a cookbook or download recipes from Sandra Lee -Semi Homemade Cooking and she’s at the Food Network.

thanks. i’ll have to look that site up.
i can pick up a cook book, but i was just seeing if anyone on here had any advice. anyways, thank you again tho!! :yes:

No problem! and on the advice part I would also suggest to watch some cooking shows on Food Network and see what interest you the most. My favorite kind of cooking anymore are the simple recipes and grilling out! When you start cooking more you will get a better feel for it all and how things taste. Don’t be scared to alter some recipes to your taste as far as seasonings go. Sometimes you may not have exactly what the recipe calls for and you may have to make substitutions.

Yes. Cooking shows! Great idea. Thanks!

Really I will definitly use your advice!! (:

**BTW EVERYONE!!! : I made some amazing yellow cake mix cookies. hehe. yum yum! wish i could share them all with you to thank you for all the advice that has been given!!!:angel: **

The first thing I thought of was THIS

We are doing a large chicken on the rotisserie Saturday. Hickory smoke & the works. :drool:

Someone already mentioned Food Network, but I’m providing links. :tongue:

Cooking for Beginners : Everyday Italian : Food Network

Tooling Up Your Kitchen : How To Boil Water : Food Network

Home : Topic of Topics : Food Network

Jsut watch some Rachel Ray…she makes some good fud.

The best way to learn it is to burn it. Eventually you get sick of eating burnt food & learn to get it right. :rolleyes:

I survived for 4 years off of mac and cheese and ramen noodles, that’s how I started cooking. It evolved from there to fancy stuff like omelets :biggrin:.

Amen to that! That was my learning curve for sure. Oops, I mean that is the learining curve I am on.

Seriously if you can read you can cook.
Last Thanksgiving and Christmas I had my laptop in the kitchen with my menu plan and directions all saved to faves. I was made fun of for being such a techie cook…but I think it went pretty well…at least I think it did.

Of course I am not talking about becoming or thinking I am some great chef. Just figuring out little tricks here and there to make my meals seem better than they are. Really just scraping by.

In just over a year now I have for the first time in my life really cooked every day for the family. Well, nearly every day. That alone is my great accomplishement. I need to start expanding my list of meals though…I think they’re getting tired of the two or three things I have learned how to make. Baby steps…a little more each week.