Help me help this forum before its too late

I am trying to find the owner of this forum, does anyone here know who he is?

This place is on its last legs, only remaining Moderator who even visited in the last month has become busy, which means there is no one left to moderate regularly, and no one to watch the forum health and updates.

I am trying to help this forum revive, but getting negligible help from people here to make it possible, why are you few who still come to post every week so disinterested in my request for help to revive and rescue this forum before it dies from neglect, why?

I’d help, but I don’t think I represent this forums regular demographic.

But if I can be of any help, let me know.

I don’t know who the owner of this site is. It used to be WhoisJohnGalt, but he sold it some years back.

You are a member, that is good enough for me.

Most important is to find the owner.

Can you guess who might be the current owner?

I’m sorry but I have no clue. I’m sure someone else would be able to find out. It’s sad that this forum seems to be left on its own.

Don’t feel bad about it, please hang in there, the rescue party is developing…

No administrator or owner being around, forums ALWAYS struggles, eventually crash. This forum has about 6 LISTED Moderators, but only one remains to check in, in last 6 months that is bad, but I don’t blame them since there is no drive behind it from the owner.

I should have accepted the original owners offer to sell me the forum around 10 years ago, then we would be in a much more active and better forum than it is now. But at the time I was already moderating three websites and didn’t want to get stuck paying vBULLETIN (then Jelsoft) a lot of money to use their software.

With good FREE forum software and my current server I have, this forum would be far more user friendly, and can see who is online, making the place look visited, and more inviting.

I tried to look up the owner of the site and all I got was the place that hosts it.

I’ll keep digging and see if I can learn anything

What’s really interesting is that the site doesn’t contain any information about the software used to create the layout. Which is pretty unusual as content providers usually want to market their solutions to others. That is, unless the owner created this interface him/ herself. If that’s the case, the person that made this site is incredibly skilled as this is one of the best if not THE BEST forum layouts I’ve ever seen.

I’ll dig a little more…

You are the only one who likes this forum software, many here hate it, including me.

This place is like a cave to me, the endless scrolling to the bottom get to current postings…is irritating. the multiple steps to see past postings, and so on.

The forum software is Discourse, they don’t allow a full demo, just the front end, which we already use here, thus have no idea what the admin board looks like. No reason to use a free software when no one can see the admin board.

If I get the forum, I plan to drop this software for a better user friendly set up, then more people will comeback knowing they can see the outdoors on the board again.

Meh. Not new forum settings! I just got to know this one and now you’re going to change it. Please, if you do, kindly put a blow by blow explanation on how to maneuver around the site.

Understandable feelings, but this software hurts visibility and communication flow.

The two software choices I am considering, are so much easier to figure out, largely explains itself, but I will help anyone to make the transition.

I plan to post DEMO links to my favored software choices for members to look for themselves, to see what they like and dislike about them.

Here is one of them, it is SMF DEMO where you can also log in as administrator:

Log into admin board are: admin and pass

Notice how gentile it is to the eyes?

Only two people bothers to reply about rescuing this neglected forum, not a good sign.

Hmmm, does anyone else want say anything?

A lot of regular members left RO (including me) because there didn’t seem to be anyone being the “boss”. Plus, it seemed like the libs were running rampant on this board–that was the reason I left. I don’t think folks mind a different opinion, but the libs were here to disrupt and cause problems, which they accomplished. Not sure how a new administrator is going to help, but this was an awesome forum at one time.

I actually want liberals to be here in the forum, which drives debate. But they and everyone else here are also expected to stick with debating manners.

However too many forums do a poor job handling the off topic, trolling postings that derails thread after thread. The overt name calling and childish back and forth retorts needs to be moderated.

If I can get this forum, I plan to install a two zone level of conduct, but being ON TOPIC in replies are mandatory, those who fails to stay on topic will be blocked from the thread, off topic postings may be deleted as part of thread clean up.

Zone 1 would be insult/personal attack free forum. Zone 1 would be strictly moderated.

Zone 2 would be allowing insults (NO threats) as long as posters are on topic, trying to further a debate in the forum.

Trolling, flaming, derailing, and hijacking threads are NEVER acceptable. Postings MUST be on topic!

Might have Zone three allowed, but would never be seen in public, due to threads going down the toilet, a graveyard for failed threads that can’t be cleaned up.

Except for the obvious, I would suspend anyone for failing to stay on topic and conform to Zone rules, Everyone lose their cool once in a while, which is why I will be slow to ban.

I am inviting comments on what I would do as owner/administrator.

By the way, I would as owner be here everyday, moderation, posting and just watching.

An e-mail was sent to the server hosting this forum, to allow contact with this forum owner. No reply after 4 days, probably not going to happen.

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I have a concern here. As many can attest, it is most common for a discussion to run off topic into other lines of reasoning. That is the way normal conversation is exchanged as well. It is sometimes the secondary and tertiary discussions that are the most intriguing and thought-provoking aspects of a discussion. It’s also natural.

There are already sections in the current forum that allows that, I am talking debating topics, that should stay on topic.

It is also easy to start a new thread to discuss those “off topic stuff”, their getting off topic for the sake of being off topic defeats the original intent of the first post.


A thread starts about China Virus being poorly handled by Trump, can easily meander around to include others, Brix, Fauci and others who were not mentioned in post one at all, yet can still considered to be on topic, because the topic is about handling the China Virus, that involved many people besides Trump.


A thread starts about global warming is NOT a big threat to the planet based on what Dr. Fred Singer writes in his presentation, someone in response post a scurrilous personal attack on Dr. Singer, ignores what he writes about, is off topic.

I have seen too many off topic comments sink a thread because it go all over the place, degenerate into tit for tat attacks. It happens in forum after forum, off topic habits gets quickly abused, that I will not accept.

The beauty of Zone 2 rules, is that Moderators can’t censor comments, but can stop flaming, threats, trolling and off topic comments that don’t maintain the topical discussion direction, thread could be locked or posts deleted to keep it open.

Ok. I can live with that. I agree that debating a topic should stay on topic.

Thank you.