Help please; I'm new to this

So at my job I just recently transferred to a new area. I befriended what I call a danger hair. Her hair is dyed black and bright red. She has tattoos all over her arms and neck, piercings all over her face. This is the kind of person I usually avoid but at my work I try to make friends with everyone. I will call her Wendy.

In my zone there is another “person” who has never talked to me until last Saturday. “Their” name is a name I would expect a girl to have; I will call them Terry. They have chest feeding apparatuses. If you looked at Terry you would probably say “that’s a woman.”

They are severely overweight and severely depressed. It was nice to have Terry actually open up and talk to me although the conversation was basically limited to the fact that Terry was given dolls and girl toys to play with as a child which Terry did not like. That’s okay, I go out of my way to be friends with everyone. Terry is married to a woman, which I could care less about.

After the shift Wendy gave me a ride home. I was discussing how I like everyone in my new zone, everyone is pretty cool. I told her how it was nice that Terry actually talked to me that shift. Wendy got visibly upset when I referred to Terry as a she. This shifted the conversation towards the fact that Terry is on some kind of hormone treatment program to transition into a man. I apologized for thinking Terry is a female, I’ll be sure to refer to them as a he from now on. But the damage had already been -done- with my danger hair friend I fear. From then on she was scrutinizing my usage of pronouns with a razor. And I had to speak slower now to triple check everything I said.

Whatever, I don’t really care. But I’m bothered a bit. When exactly did it become paramount that you refer to absolutely every single individual on the planet by the pronoun of their choosing? And how am I supposed to know which one they choose? Will the human race completely phase out the use of “she” and “he” and replace it with “they?” How are we supposed to know what to call who what?

Help. Thanks.

It didn’t become paramount. It became a demand that I for one in good conscience cannot comply with that demand even if I were so inclined, which I’m not. I imagine it’s a tough one in a work environment. The only thing I know is to “speak the truth in love.”

Don’t know why this is in Weapons and War, and I can’t find the mechanism to move it…

I couldn’t find the proper header to run this under. And since this seems to be an ideological war I’m trapped in, well. I just want to know how to survive this war. I’m trying to play by their rules but their rules literally make no sense. And the goal post shifts.

Not only do their rules make no sense, they change week by week and make even less sense.

I sometimes meet up to 10 new people a day at my job. Somehow I’m supposed to know exactly what to call all of them but how can someone do that? How is it possible?

Not even joking, I actually do this

I’ve only done this during one conversation in my life, and I’m exhausted. I give you credit Gene.

This is one more issue about control. The Democrats are obsessed with it. They want to control language, behavior and ultimately thought.

This whole thing is utterly silly. The vast majority of people are born biologically male or female. There are those with crossed wiring that are “in the wrong body” so to speak. Their position is to be at least tolerated if not accepted, which it should be. The trouble is those people now think that they have right to impose their issues on everyone else.

Why are they right and everyone else is wrong? What right to they have to force everyone else to accept their norms? They have no such right. PERIOD.

This foolishness has helped to keep the Democrats to hold their base together. They figure that if they give in to every minority group, they will get their votes. The trouble is they are going to have to say “NO!” after a while because there will be conflict over the rights of the competing groups the Democrats bow to.

Is pedophilia going to be accepted as a norm? Is incest going to be okay? When are the Democrats going to draw the line and say “enough is enough!”

Biden’s executive order which threatens women’s sports is only one obvious example. Why should biological female athletes be forced to compete against biological males who are bigger and stronger? It is fair for those transsexual athletes to take scholarship money away from the biological females?

Of course it isn’t, and the time will come when those female athletes will have to break with the Democrat Party if their rights are to be respected.

I don’t think it’s even that. They’re trying to open this to anyone who fancies themselves to be the opposite sex on a whim without a lick of genuine gender dysphoria.

When they’ve established their autocracy is my guess. Or sold us down the river to the Russians and/or Chinese.

I think that time came decades ago. There may be a few things that the left did that actually empowered women, but most of what they claim does, doesn’t.

Could it be that these hyper sensitive people in the LGBT community are ashamed of what they are? Why would the use of gender based pronouns put them in such a tizzy? What happened to concepts like “gay pride?”

Or could it that this is just part of the “Throw it up on the wall and see if it sticks” school of politics? Under this theory you throw a concept up, no matter how outrageous, and see if others, including the people in power, join you in jamming it down people’s throats.

If it sticks, GREAT! It’s one more way to control human behavior, which means everything to “progressives,” and take one more step toward destroying western culture.

Bringing up the problems with trans folks in male/female sports is totally ignored by the woke media. Allowing female athletes to be trounced by their male counterparts is an acceptable and necessary hit to take. It isn’t discussed, it isn’t reported on.

ONLY when we see a biological female enter a typically man’s sport and totally destroy it will this even be picked up by the news. When that day comes everything will fall into place, it will all be worth it; yes women and men are 100% equal physically there will be no questions.

And until and even AFTER that day comes, women will just have to learn to live with having all their hard work be for nothing. Maybe that’s why they want to push this soy/vegan diet lifestyle on everyone is so men will be physically pushed to being on par, physically, with women.

There’s definitely a LOT of this in it.