Help with formerly registered we think, member

Guys. Garden House Queen may have previously registered…but everytime she tries to log in or create account, she gets an incorrect name, password or email address. Can y ou please Help her get on here?? Thanks. Caroline

I am trying to get this forum, but the owner isn’t even responding his servers communication attempts after three days, which is bad!

When you say you are trying to get this forum do you mean as in OWNER??

Do you think he may be sick or dead?

Yes as in becoming owner, made an offer, waiting for his reply, but nothing after 3 days… so far.

I hope he is in good health…, have no idea what is going on with him.

Awesome. If i can help you in any way that i am able i certainly will. I did this before when a friend opened up a forum and then he rather lost interest in it…He was closing it, i said, i’ll take it over and that’s what we did. Then he died UNEXPECTEDLY of an aneurysm within weeks. I kept it for years and passed it on to another who eventually closed it. Both he and i were novices at the time.

Appreciate the the support, it depends on the owner, who remains silent after 4 days, to let me have the forum, then I can quickly fix the registration problem.

Then I will be looking a for a NEW Moderator who will be here regularly, the others will get a chance to come back and be active moderators again, or they WILL be demoted back to regular member status.

I have plans ready for this forum, to get more non conservatives to join or come back as existing members, heck I might even unban a couple of past members for the purpose of opening up the debate more fully.

sending a pm.

i’m gonna send you a pm.

I have a bad feeling this forum will fail because the owner remains silent and doesn’t do anything here.

It has been 8 days, the owner has been ignoring repeated e-mails from Domain Agents to reply to an offer that I buy the forum from him.

I set up the negotiation process through his server, yet he ignores their e-mails too.

I am wondering at his sanity and indecency here since can easily just reply Not selling or respond to the offer, which he should since he isn’t doing anything to revive this place, has no moderators, doesn’t post or try to rekindle fire with old members who have quit.

I am sorry but he is a TERRIBLE owner who lets this forum reach the cusp of death, he doesn’t seem to give a dam. He chose a bad software that isn’t being used very often out in the world, there is NO merger software for this software to transfer from, since it isn’t a common or popular software.

More and more I regret not taking up the ownership offer from the ORIGINAL owner, who wanted to stop being the boss and go elsewhere in life.

Dam it!

I KNEW IT. I complained about this software from the beginning…said it was not user friendly. and they said…it’s just you… it’s easy once you get used to it. I"VE NEVER SEEN anything so convoluted and difficult to maneuver.

I can’t believe or understand why the moderators have not even shown up!!

One Moderators mother was very sick last winter, probably passed away, her son soon after that stopped visiting the forum, her name is Susanna, who was near 80.

Another Moderator gets a new job, is so busy with it, he isn’t thinking about the forum, he is Right Wing Nutjob.

Another Moderator told me that he gave up because there is little going on and owner not keep the place up.

If by a miracle I do get the forum, I will have to pay a professional to transfer to another forum software, probably myBB, it could cost $200+ to do that.

But why doesn’t the owner respond!!!

I remember Susanna. I’m sorry to hear that. Her son was Fantasy Chaser I think…the muscalator. I’m spelling it wrong but it was a cute concept. This long with no word?? And it has been longer than eight days too. Just no one. Can’t believe it.

Thats why I had to create version 2 of my screen name