Help with liberal nut job in-law!!!


When I met my wife we were both liberal, however, over the years I have become conservative and her sister has apparently had a hard time with my wife also becoming more conservative. Anytime politics comes up and I am not there, she berates my wife. She will scream, punch tables, and try to quell any open exchange of ideas. In particular CHIP and Obamacare are crowning achievements? I’m not sure how to handle her moving forward any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks


Spend about three days watching old episodes of “All in the Family” – Archie Bunker had the whole thing down to an art form.

Seriously though, It sounds like your in-law can become dangerous!
(Punching tables, screaming …)

Make a rule that when she visits (your sister-n-law) there will be No discussion of politics … whether you are there or not!
(What? You say she lives with you? Throw her out!) lol

You will Never convince a nut-job liberal that they are ‘indeed’ a nut-job liberal!
(That is why they are liberals … They’re Nuts) 8)


[quote=“Wyoming89, post:1, topic:49109”]
**CHIP and Obamacare are crowning achievements? **
[/quote]Hardly and the system is costing Americans more and more and getting less. We have more people now without insurance than we had before this liberal nonsense was forced on us and approved by Judge Roberts. As for your wife and sister sometimes it is better to let it go or they may end up becoming estranged from each other. I can attest that many families end up at odds over things like religion, politics, and death in the family.


[quote=“samspade, post:3, topic:49109”]
Hardly and the system is costing Americans more and more and getting less. We have more people now without insurance than we had before this liberal nonsense was forced on us and approved by Judge Roberts. As for your wife and sister sometimes it is better to let it go or they may end up becoming estranged from each other. I can attest that many families end up at odds over things like religion, politics, and death in the family.
[/quote]Brother, sister, dad, mom, uncle, aunt … I don’t care, I estrange myself automatically! lol

I look around and see what I see, knowing that they (family or friend) would even consider voting for another liberal … like Hillary, I just don’t Want to get along!

I’m tough but I’m fair!:smack:


Normally, I would recommend avoidance. The fact she’s your wife’s sister makes avoidance difficult for your wife. I would suggest your wife and her sister sit down and agree to not discuss topics associated with politics. That most likely won’t solve the problem - but it’s her sister and it’s worth a try.

However, you and your wife have to be prepared for plan B - that is avoidance of the sister altogether.

Over the years I have learned that often one’s political position is driven by simple emotion, with facts and rationality giving way to emotion-based beliefs. Discussion based on beliefs not guided by demonstrable/objective based facts often turns heated, as people become frustrated (emotional) when they can’t win the other person over to their side. No matter how great the personal effort to avoid topics that lead to verbal conflict between people, the very nature of the daily environment in which we live - driven by events occurring around us - make those topics all but impossible to avoid.

My solution: Some years ago, my wife and me decided that life is too short to subject ourselves to the anguish involved in interacting with idiots - people who rely not on facts, but on emotion and verbal acoustical volume and who demand that you submit to their explanation of the world. As a result, we simply refuse to knowingly allow such fools into our home or have any deliberate contact with them.


I think that I’m the first Republican that my wife’s family has met. Politics didn’t come up for about 15 years & it was just assumed that I was a Democrat because everybody else was. My wife changed right off to conservative but not because of me. She was just more exposed to the world & & realized that democrats didn’t make sense. Now days the wife gets a little pinprick barb every now & then from the one sister that she talks to all the time. Funny though because her stances on issues are very close to ours. The 2 problems seem to be: 1. she believes all the leftist garbage about the right that the left puts out & 2. Her only real contact with anything conservative is us because the republican party is a world away from where she lives. We don’t talk politics when she comes to visit but maybe I’ll work it in one day just to expose her to the dark side. (wink).
Last week she was telling my wife about a greedy woman that she knew that wanted someone else to pay her way in life & how wrong it was. My wife told her a joke very much like the story that she told & the punch line was “welcome to the republican party”. Long silence after the punch line so either it got her to thinking or just stunned her, we don’t know which.


Growing up we did not talk politics because as mom said politics dictated where one worked and such and it was best not to reveal which party one favored. As for me. I have been an independent all my life.


Great advice everybody! I really appreciate all the help. I just feel it my duty to try and present her the facts as I know them even though I know there will no conversion or even acceptance. She know not to take me head on so she attacks my wife or even her parents(who are taking baby steps into conservatism like supporting Trump lol). Like it’s been said here, some battles are not worth fighting. I read a quote that says don’t try to teach pigs to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pigs. It should also be noted she could just be upset at her personal life because her (liberal) boyfriend of five years has made no commitments all the while my wife and have bought a house and have a son on the way. :grinning::grinning:


I’ve said something like this before but here goes. Generally I believe that it’s a waste of time trying to convert a liberal. I’ve found in my few experiences with them to be in general well meaning people. The problem is that they are missing a logic circuit. They don’t seem to be able to look below an issue. By that I mean that if the main idea sounds good (like spending money on children) they can’t see that there could be any possible bad in any program that has that main goal. Bad example I know but I just thought about a better one. My neighbor is a liberal. He used to help out one of his kids all of the time (adult kid). The kid was constantly needing money at least partly because he was a drug addict. The neighbor only gave him money for rent (of course) but by doing that he freed up money that might have gone on rent to be used on drugs. The kid ended up overdosing & died. I don’t think the father ever realize that he could have in fact helped kill his son because he just sees the money as being spent on rent & nothing beyond that. Anyway not seeing below the surface of an issue seems to be a common problem with liberals from what I’ve seen.


Oh I guess that I should have added that liberal all seem to believe that when you have a problem the way to fix it is throw money at it. They don’t seem to understand that a flawed system (like education for example) can’t be fixed with a bigger budget.


And, not surprisingly, it’s always other people’s (TAX) money!!!


Good point freedomnut. To expand on it though I would add that yes, it’s other people money. But more important is that it generally isn’t their money. Liberals tend to give less to charities than conservative even though there are more liberals. In their defense though maybe it’s because they handle their own money as poorly as their politicians handle ours so they don’t have extra money to give. (wink)


Best thing to do is to shut her up…

As a working engineer half my life in the IT field where when I came up thru it, we have major software and hardware changes on a monthly basis, changes so radical it changes our direction. So I learned to not fall in love with “we did it like that last month”, my world was one of facts that supersede the one in my head already.

Facts are truth and if there is anything the liberals hate if the light of day of facts and truth. Analyze what she says and ask her to back it up with FACTS. Listen, let her put the liberal rope around her neck they prove to you via facts that socialism works as an economic engine, or the that communism produces better quality products. My guess is the letters USSR mean NOTHING to her.

I have shut some up when I shined the light of truth and demanded facts and NEVER saw or heard from them again, in fact, I see them in town and they leave the store by the back door, cross the street to avoid me.


That’s a great point. As our world evolves so must we. It may be a gut feeling but it seems as though republicans are the ones always on the defensive or having to be very precise with terminology so as not to look sexist, xenophobic, homophobic e.t.c. Is this reality or my own perception? The more liberals quash dissenting voices by being louder, more egregious, controlling social media the more perceived power they wield until people just give in to the machine because it’s the easy route. As for me I will never give in and always learn my facts prior to a debate but wow it’s frustrating.


Analyze what she says and ask her to back it up with FACTS.
17Oaks that may work for you but it doesn’t for me. I give them facts & they just change the point to something else. More facts, again a different point. Oh & of course the “well where did you get that” & if its a conservative site they won’t admit that its valid. Kind of reminds me of arguing with my ex wife except if liberals get in my face I can hit them.


I’m sure they do…

But not for the reasons you think they do.


I don’t suggest discussing politics with people IRL, unless the person is open minded about people having differing opinions. Because most people are self-centered and egotistical, they see people who hold different views than them as bad and inferior. I’d avoid talking about politics around them. It’s not a productive use of time. Especially since we have very good studies that show that successfully demonstrating someone’s political views to be objectively wrong, actually intensifies their belief.

You might note that all of the most combative and spiteful people around RO(and other political forums) all seem to hold the dumbest, most crackpot opinions. There’s a reason for that. They have been proven wrong more than anyone else, and so their first response to almost anything is hateful vitriol, often directed at the character of those holding different(and probably more correct) opinions. It’s literally their wrongness that drives their passion. So she’s already aware of just how stupid her opinions are. That’s exactly why people on the extreme ends of ideology are usually the most antagonistic. They know how wrong they are, but their ego is way to big to ever admit so, so they get angry.


Whoa there, are you saying my mouthwash is no longer cuttin it?


Got to remember Liberals live in a world Unicorns, electric cars that run on FREE and Soy milk…

Want to REALLY shake one up? They love a fish called the Tilapia, its all the rage in the liberal quarters, if ONLY they knew or would belief the TRUTH: There really is no Tilapia, there are over 100 species of this thing, its not raised in the US, but mostly in China and Central America, both of which use human chit to make’um grown, then they are pumped up with antibiotics, they fed a rich diet of GMO food stuffs. I personally would not eat them at all. But tell that to a LibTard adn WOW the look on there face is as if you told them Unicorns are not real…


Regardless of how the U.S. has “evolved” as a society, our Constitution hasn’t (and SHOULDN’T) “evolve” to accommodate the morons who’ve abandoned 2000 years of human history and progress just so a few weirdos can “feel good” about their choices in life. And, make no mistake about it, while homosexual “feelings” may not be a “choice,” homosexual BEHAVIOR most assuredly IS. Nothing in our makeup as humans COMPELS us to give in to every perverted thought that crosses our minds.


There, fixed for ya!