Is there any way to uninstall the latest version of Firefox? It seems to have disabled a lot of my anti-virus stuff.


Found this but I don’t know if it will help?


Thanks! I’ll try that. But I can’t remember how to prevent Firefox from updating. Can you tell me that? Mine has been updating automatically for a long time. FC has his turned off, so perhaps he can tell me. He has an even older computer than mine, and we are both still using XP.


Can anyone recommend a browser that will not mess this up for me? I have reasons for leaving firefox - and the article suggested that many other people will do the same.


Where do I find this “about:config?”


Well, I found it, ran it, one add-on was enabled with a warning, another gives me an option to enable, the others are all “incompatible.”


If I were to recommend a light browser I would go with


It is based on Chromium(Google Chrome) but without the Big Brother aspects. Chrome, currently, is a memory hog and not something I would recommenced for older computers.



The very best browser.

I wish that I could have helped you with the Firefox issue but I got rid of Firefox when they fired their CEO for not supporting the Gay agenda!



Here is why I quit Firefox:

How you can push back against Mozilla/Firefox’s gay marriage thuggery |Blogs |


The problem with Firefox is that they are refusing to allow unsigned add-ons, won’t even allow you to have them optionally, and included in that is Kaspersky. Following the instructions silliessis gave me, I got back one piece of it (but I’ll lose that if firefox updates again), and the rest of Kaspersky is “incompatible.” I can’t upgrade Kaspersky, because the later versions won’t work on XP. Will this browser you are suggesting work OK under these conditions? I have 3 gig of RAM, if that is an issue.



The problem with Firefox is, they are anti Christian and pro sodomite!


I’m sorry but … if Firefox was the greatest browser ever … I would shun them for their anti christian stance!

They could send me envelopes, stuffed with hundred dollar bills and I would still go back to dial up and web tv!
(Yes, I said … webtv)


I had Firebox awhile ago on my new laptop and it still is not working. I had more problems with Firefox and will NEVER use it again. I am going to have to take my laptop to a computer place and have the hard drive cleaned out. I can’t afford to have it “fixed” so I’ll just have to deal with reloading some of my programs. I HATE Chrome, too. But, since I’m using my sister’s OLD laptop until I get mine fixed, I can’t do anything about it but put up with it. Bobjam introduced me to Opera and that seemed to work better. But, Firefox eventually knocked that out of the box. I used to use IE and never seemed to have any problems with it. Don’t know a lot of people who do use it, though.


If there is a Chrome app for Kaspersky then it will work in SRWare as well. The two browsers are the same other than who manages it.


I used SRWare’s Iron browser on my previous computer. My understanding is that Google created a generic browser they called Chromium, from which Google created Chrome, and SRWare (independently) created Iron.

I don’t mean this in a critical or unkind way, but it’s likely that Susannah’s problems stem from the OS she is using. I liked XP a lot, but MS hasn’t supported it for 2 or more years (except for the Feds), and XP is four generations back from MS’ current OS (FWIW, users of four-generations-back versions of Apple’s OS X face similar limitations and compatibility issues, so it’s not an MS “thang”). Unfortunately, while 3GB main memory is good or great for running XP, it’s probably marginal or worse for Win 8 or 10 (and also, probably, for Win 7, which I also liked a lot).

If the laptop’s memory could be upgraded to 4GB or higher, it might be possible to upgrade to Win 7 (if it’s available, and some one has the techno-chops to upgrade a Windows computer cleanly).


Well, it seems that the problems are Firefox specific, based on the Wiki article, and they aren’t going to allow any unsigned add-ons with the next release. Kaspersky has probably updated to a “signed” version by now, but it will be incompatible with XP. If I could at least stop the next update from happening, I could live with it. Are all the operating systems going that same route? If so, then changing my browser won’t help.


How to configure Mozilla Firefox 8 to co-work with Kaspersky Password Manager 5.0

A new working peculiarity was added to Mozilla Firefox 8: by default auto disabling third-party add-ons (and disabling Kaspersky Password Manager Autofill Engine too). During installation Mozilla Firefox 8 displays a window informing of add-ons disabling.

How to enable the add-on during Firefox version update
After Firefox update the Select Your Add-ons window appears. Check the Password Manager Autofill Engine box and click Next. Kaspersky Password Manager plugin will be enabled.


Firefox 8? This is Firefox 43. Or is it “8” in that it’s a whole new piece of software?

In any case, I can’t do anything during the update - it has already taken place.


How can I AT LEAST stop Firefox from updating automatically?


I just noticed - looking over their “featured” add-ons, they had one to notify Muslims of prayer time.