HERE IT IS=> Detailed List of Findings in Wikileaks DNC Document Dump


Jim Hoft Jul 24th, 2016 4:28 pm 952 Comments
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On Friday Wikileaks released nearly 20,000 hacked emails it says are from the accounts of Democratic National Committee officials.

The documents were released just days before the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.

The hacked emails revealed the DNC’s hatred for Bernie Sanders and his movement. The documents reveal the party’s hidden ties with the liberal media. The emails reveal the heights of dishonesty of the party infrastructure.

Now there is a list of a few of the most shocking emails released by Wikileaks.
The list was compiled thanks to the work of Reddit Bernie Sander supporters and Donald Trump supporters:
Hat Tip Steve A.

HERE IT IS=> Detailed List of Findings in Wikileaks DNC Document Dump


Well, let’s see.

Email dump shows Hillary and D. W. Schultz (DNC) rigged the Democrat primaries to favor Hillary.

Putin/Russia is claimed to have hacked the DNC computers.

Now, predictably, Hillary/DNC attempt to switch the focus away from the rigging of the primaries to favor Hillary.

Their attempted refocus: Claim the Russians, by hacking DNC emails, are attempting to hurt Clinton and assist Trump.

Makes one wonder, what outrageous debacle is next for Hillary, the sociopath.


I’d like to post about the tiger killing the lady that’s on the news (hold on, I’ll tie them together). Basically she was in an animal park & got out of her car & was attacked & killed by a tiger. So how many stories like that have we seen in the past few years? I can remember a fair amount of them. Then other related stories, related because of people doing stupid stuff. On I remember was a lady in Florida that wrecked her car because she was on the way to a date & was shaving her privates WHILE DRIVING. Again, a related story with the common theme being people are stupid.
The tie in is simple. Democrats depend on people being stupid. A democrat seen drop kicking a newborn baby, well let’s point out that the star in Trumps add is (not could be) a Star of David & that means that he is a racist. Just like a magic trick, don’t look at what this hand is doing, look at the other hand. Hillary (& the dems) CARE about poor people so she needs to be elected (but don’t reflect on how the poor people weren’t helped during the last 8 years). It’s a trick that repbs don’t do (often if at all) because basically they SUCK at it. I don’t know why they suck at it but they do. But the truth is that it works over & over for the dems. Maybe the repbs need to find something that works for them & stick with it too. They need to go after those stupid people & get their votes because there’s a LOT OF THEM.