Here We Go Again! (Update Rollback #4)


I don’t expect any solutions because apparently … “There Isn’t Any!”

I just needed to B!t¢h!

Yesterday a notice popped up stating that security updates could Not be installed unless the latest version of Windows 10 was installed!

Hoping against hope and against my knowing better (through the previous three ‘updates’), I went ahead and allowed the update!

Even after months of research and the installing of software that was supposed to prevent the previous disasters (display, completely unusable because of smeared colors and unreadable text) … Nothing Has Changed!!

The same messed up display even after trying various ‘fixes’ and Microsoft suggestions!

I have read that computers with AMD graphics are having various problems but as of now … I can’t find a solution?

The funny part?

When I do the update and the graphics are bad, I go to the device manager, uninstall the display adapter and restart the pc.

Microsoft automatically installs a display adapter that clears everything up!

The Not So Funny Part?

Within 30 seconds, Microsoft deletes whatever adapter they installed (the good one) and reverts back to the crappy one!!

Try as I might, I can’t prevent them from doing this!

I also suspect that more than just the display adapter is the problem because I have tried a dozen different ones that are compatible with my computer and none of them work!
(All of them from either Lenovo or AMD)

So … Rollback #4!

My pc is a Lenovo desktop.

Processor: AMD A10-7800 Radeon R7, 12 Compute Cores 4C+8G (Cores: 2)
Memory: 11 Gbytes (DDR3)

Video: AMD Radeon R7 Graphics (1 Gb)

Disk: ST2000DM001-1ER164 (2 Tb)
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home (64-bit)


Have you tried installing the driver that works with Windows restore turned off, the restarting the computer a couple of times, then turning system restore back on?

If that works then just set windows update to ask before installing any updates, when the updated driver appears again manually select it and refuse that one update; there should be a box to check that says “do not remind me again about this update”.

I dumped Windows entirely after Vista so I am working from memory and assumption here, hopefully this strategy still works for stopping “updates” that screw everything up :wink:


Friends don’t let friends do WinDoze

B Gates richest man in the world and he did producing some of the poorest software ever, besieged with problems from beta to the latest version.

Take from a retired CTO, if your resume stated you had EVER worked at MS, you did NOT get an interview…software by committee and I learned the hard way by hiring some of my SW engineers that had worked there.


Thank You for your response.

I’ve tried that but … As I noted in my post … I believe that there is a problem, not only with the ‘on-board’ display but a problem elsewhere?

For instance:
If I right-click on the desktop and select AMD RADEON SETTINGS , the following pops up:


Even though the display is great looking:

And the device manager shows:

(working properly?)

I have had contact with both lenovo and AMD.
AMD has heard about the problem but has no answers!

I’m at the point of just praying that microsoft wont be limiting the number of times I will be able to do the rollbacks!


All of these updates played nice when installed but … I have no clue as to what they are!

MS always has names for their crappy updates but only give you numbers when they are installed!

I have no time or patience to look up the update that is killing my display!
(Obviously, it’s not one of these)


Just to ask the most obvious thing upfront; your monitor is connected right now to the I/O of your CARD, and not your MOTHERBOARD, right?