Here's a suggestion...


Why don’t we start a members’ list? Someone like RET or PeteS or someone else can keep it with everyone’s name and email address. Then, if problems arise like this last little blip, he/she can contact everyone and let them know. Of course, no one HAS to volunteer to put their name and email address on the list, but I think a lot would just in case something happened again to RO.

I would like to start one myself so that I can contact my friends here in case of a problem–or just because I wanted to “talk” to them.

What are your views about this…anyone?


IF we can get admin access, then we would have it, I HOPE JG takes some positive action on this forum!!!


We don’t really know who’s in charge, do we?


Restraining myself, no. WIJG, still RO’s owner as far as I know, has not posted in one of RO’s public forums, has not posted in the Mods’ forum, has not responded to an email sent to him a week ago, and has only logged in on one day in the past week. Whatever the reason for the silence, it does not make me happy.


Well, that would not make RO very stable if he’s the only one at the reins. Doesn’t make me happy, either. Keep us updated, ok?