Herman Cain: I’m forming an exploratory committee for 2012


Herman Cain: I’m forming an exploratory committee for 2012

Dec 17, 2010 7:04 PM by Allahpundit


I know the basics of his bio — accomplished CEO, talk-radio host, cancer survivor — but not much more beyond that. Even so, it got my attention a few days ago when he won Red State’s 2012 “tournament,” topping Mike Pence in the semifinal and Palin in the final. Is that because Cain’s a Red State favorite or is the grassroots support for him out there broader than anyone realizes right now?
Either way, the Daily Caller says to get ready.
Herman Cain: I?m forming an exploratory committee for 2012 « Hot Air

This would be awesome!


I have seen him do several interviews, great Conservative and he can talk without drifting off into sound bytes.

It might however be a little hard for another candidate with very little political experience to gain support this soon after the Obama tragedy.

Other than that concern I would be quite pleased with Mr. Cain as the GOP nominee.


I honestly know almost nothing about Mr. Cain. Guess I’m from the wrong part of the country or hang out with the wrong people. If I’m not unusual in that lack of awareness, that might be his toughest row to hoe in a Presidential bid. Hopefully he can get his name and views out into public consciousness. If he’s the best “out there” when the 2012 Primary comes along, I could vote for him.