Hermetically Sealed Bubble(head) Mentality

I just found this “gem” in the 2019 Estes model rocket catalog:

To which I say:

Dear California government: When I say: “How stoned can you be?!!” STOP TAKING IT AS THE PROVERBIAL CHALLENGE!!!

:joy::joy::joy::joy: Maybe one of the stupidest bunch of so-called “legislators” ever to haunt a state OR federal capitol building!

The California Legislature leads the liberal nation in new, nutty ideas. When I lived in Massachusetts, it was easy to predict what new law, regulation or device would be mandated but Bay State Government. All you had to do was review what California had done the previous year.

One such device was a gasoline nozzle at service stations that was supposed to capture fumes. The thing made it harder to put gas in my car, and I could never get it to make a tight seal. So, I missed the point. But when you are radical Democrat, just forcing people to do something different, even when it doesn’t work, is “progress.”

On a related note, I was working with some Halloween lights yesterday. I recalled that some of the strings I have were banned in California because the coating on is alleged to cause cancer. I made sure to avoid licking my hands after that exposure.

I’m getting less and less afraid of the left turning America into Venezuela and more and more afraid of them turning us into California.


Give California another decade, and it will become the new Venezuela. It will be interesting to see the reaction among the “progressives” when the California state government starts seizing private property from Silicon Valley. The far left will reach that point after a while in the name of “fairness.”

No pig should have more property that other pigs, although the pigs who lead the government are more equal that those who don’t.