HERO: Bevelyn Beatty Paints Over TWO More Black Lives Matter Murals Hours After Being Released By NYPD

How to exploit catch-and-release! :rofl:

The police need our help. They can’t stand alone. Don’t just sit by idly and let your country go to the ground,” Beatty said before urging people to vote for President Donald Trump’s reelection.

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Awesome. What a heroine.

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Good for them!

This Black Lives Matter crap is out of control. They have actually put BLM in the curriculum in the public schools in North Carolina. What is wrong with educators? That’s like adding “Biden for president” or “Trump for president” to the textbooks. It is totally inappropriate.

I wonder if the yellow paint that was used to deface the street in front of Trump’s Manhattan residence was paid for by taxpayers. If it was, that sucks. BLM is nothing but a communist-anarchist group.

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have you seen the number of corporations that are openly stating that they support BLM. Do they even know what BLM is. If they do, then these corporations go on my enemies list.

The corporations think they will get on the right side of the left be giving support to BLM. They are wrong. BLM is a radical revolutionary group that is dedicated to doing away with life as we know it.

They don’t have a real plan for what they would do if they succeed other than to create a communist system. Its rank and file have no idea what socialism or communism is except they think they will get free stuff and “whitey” and the rest of those “who have oppressed them” and “prevented them from what they have a RIGHT to enjoy” will get what they deserve.

“Bottom rail now on top, ah massah! Ha, ha!”

What they don’t realize is that they will end up with a country like Venezuela where the top people end with almost all of the goods and income, and they will end up with a lot less than they have now. Most people don’t realize how fragile the supply chain and the basics of civilization are and how easy it is to disrupt and destroy them.

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True that, Send.

This reminds me of a scriptural proverb…and now i understand it.

Proverbs 30:22
…21Under three things the earth trembles, under four it cannot bear up: 22a servant who becomes king, a fool who is filled with food, 23an unloved woman who marries, and a maidservant who supplants her mistress.…

to make it easier for some to grasp it.

Verse 22. - For a servant when he reigneth; or, under a slave when he becometh king. This startling vicissitude was not uncommon in Eastern states; and even if the slave was not preferred to regal power, he was often advanced by unwise favouritism to high position, for which he was wholly unfitted, and which he used only to aggrandize himself at the expense and to the injury of others, This incongruity has been already noticed at Proverbs 19:10 (where see note). And a fool when he is filled with meat. “Fool” is here nabal, a low, profligate fellow, who is rich and without care. When such a one rises to high position, or has power over others, he becomes arrogant, selfish, unbearable (comp. ver. 9; Proverbs 28:12; Proverbs 29:2).