Herridge: Abedin Told FBI She Notified WH Every Time Clinton Changed Emails


Obama lied?

New developments in the FBI probes of former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner’s computer and Hillary Clinton’s alleged mishandling of classified information may land Clinton aide Huma Abedin in legal jeopardy, Catherine Herridge reported.

The development may be “another admission that the White House understood [Clinton] was using this private server for government business, and that the president was OK with it… because they were allowing updates to the email [address] to be made,” Herridge said.

Herridge: Abedin Told FBI She Notified WH Every Time Clinton Changed Emails | Fox News Insider


Wiener is pulling her and Hilda down so sez DickieLeaks any how that is the long and the short of it.


Abedin Told FBI She Notified WH Every Time Clinton Changed Emails
Just stop & think about it for a minute. Does anyone for even 1 second think that Clintons new email address change wouldn’t have been passed on to the president within 30 minutes of a change? Is that in any way logical?
As for Obama, I really wonder. Is he computer literate? Is he the one that checks them? I don’t know but I wonder about it. On his knowing, I won’t pass judgement without something to support it.


Okay this is getting deep :coffee_spray:


As for Weiner, any adult male that would try to hook up with a 15 year old girl isn’t a man. He is a depraved animal and should be put down. And NOPE I don’t agree with society that he should have some sort of therapy & then relapse in 5 or 10 years to harm some young girl.


There are a couple of things that I think are special enough to warrant a different answer.

Any man who RAPES a woman or molests a child: Is sent to prison and does not get a cell assignment, in addition his scrotum sac and its appendage are removed and he has to wear his pants backward the whole time he is in prison…

Any man that abuses a dog, receives the same punishment he gave that dog and he is listed as a known dog abuser like the sex offenders for the rest of his life and a google search will show his name, face and address like the sex offenders.


Anfeny Weiner is going to turn up dead at some point. I have him on my dead pool list for 2017 but it may take longer.


Maybe not, unless they fear he’s willing to testify for immunity. Otherwise, the evidence is already out (or it’s somewhere other than in his brain where killing him won’t help them), and the murder itself is a risk.


Over on U-Tube they are going nuts about Obama lying about not knowing about Hillary’s email address’s. Now I expect over reactions from lefties because that’s one of the “tools” that they use & besides I view them as mostly nuts anyway. But I hate it when I see the same thing from the right. Back in the military they taught us about “span of control” & I’ll give an example using a company. Say your the CEO of IBM. You are responsible for everything (kind of a buck stops here thing), but are you really? Do you know who the guard on your gate let in yesterday? Which company cars need to be replaced? I could go on & on but basically here’s what happens. As you go up in responsibility you are removed more & more of the daily events that go on around you. That’s because your time is valuable & other people who’s time isn’t as valuable supervise those things. So…
Do we really think that Obama checks his own emails each day? Think about how many emails he probably gets. My WAG is that he probably gets a mini briefing once or twice a day covering the top 20 to 30 emails & tells his people how to respond to them & because of that I doubt Obama was lying. As to him emailing HC well I’m betting that he just clicked on her name & sent the email (if he did it himself). I really doubt that he sat there & pondered why her email address didn’t look like everybody else’s.
On the other hand I would wonder why his email person didn’t notice the gov. heading missing & comment about it. Or maybe they did & his reply was Huh & nothing more. I do find it funny that when the story broke his reply was I didn’t know. That’s basically puts the blame on someone else (Hillary). Kind of a normal procedure for any democrat caught doing something wrong. It was Bush, It was the Russians, the tooth fairy made me do it or whatever.


I think that is a LONG shot for the Weiner. bit what we do know is that he is a repeat offender and has prob been doing this since college days at least.


Span of control: Extremely limited, in fact it does not go much further than your under age 10 children and you DIRECT reports at work. All total its less than 10 people including your kids.

Span of influence: This can range from only a few to many. For Joe America, its his kids over age 10, the dog, his wife and those who work in his sphere at his play of employment and maybe his boss (if he is a good one) and the folks that work in other units at his level assuming that share common company interests.

Span of concern: Politics, the weather, Harp whales, the elephants in Afrika etc.

Keeping all of the above in perspective keeps us healthy and well balanced, more common in the Conservative circles. In the far left circles they often are out of balance and fail to understand their role: Black Lives Matter, Folks in a rubber boat, trying to stop a 180,000 Ton whaling ship, George Soros, Hillary Clinton etc.


Obama only knows what he reads in the newspapers. :howler:


Obama only knows what he reads in the newspapers.
In the old days I might have taken that at face value because he does have a degree. But now days having a degree doesn’t mean that you can read so…I’m betting that he only knows what someone reads him out of socialist literature.


I thought he only knew what he read on the teleprompter…