He's Back! Trump Rally in Ohio. Greatest President Ever!

Donald J. Trump, greatest president in history, still the true president of the United States, is back and rallying to take back Congress. Here is the full speech in Wellington, OH 6/26/21,

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Trump ends Ohio rally: "This country doesn’t belong to them. It belongs to you, the American people"
Donald Trump ends his Wellington, Ohio rally: “The people of this land will not be ruled and talked down to by corrupt politicians, petty tyrants, left-wing bullies or socialist bureaucrats in a place called Washington DC.”

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Something I read during the 2020 campaign was “America-loving” rallies and that’s what I like to call these. I hate the term “Trump rally” because it isn’t about Trump.

These are voters - people - carrying the American flag and willing to literally travel across the country to display their love for the United States.

What liberals miss out on is by labeling them “Trump” supporters. They are, but they are not. It is so much more than that. These are people who are willing to go above and beyond for their country, their love of nationalism, of strong borders and much more.

He is a rockstar and the crowds he commands, for his AMERICA-LOVING rallies will likely never be replicated again in my or anyone else’s lifetime. It’s really a sight to behold, so many people together all willing to express their love of the USA without shame or inhibition. It’s actually really beautiful.

It’s stunning, and only Trump can do it.

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To honest with you, I hope that Ron DeSantos, Tim Scott, Greg Abbot and others yet to be named can do it just as well.

We need to win in the next election cycles or it’s over. Trump is getting older, and to those who don’t really follow the issues, the Democrats and the RINOs, like Mitt Romney and Liz Chaney, have made his name into a toxic brand.

The country is bigger and more important than one politician.

Everyone’s a RINO now. You see he called Barr and McConnell “spineless RINOs” yesterday?

Nope. Not everyone is a RINO.

The people I named voted to impeach Trump in January. They did that because they thought that they could disqualify Trump from running again. That decision should be made by the rank and file of the Republican Party, not them.

I worked hard for Romney in 2012. He has betrayed his trust with me. I will not vote for him again unless it was in a general election again Nancy Pelosi Democrat. Next to nothing is better than less than nothing, but I am hoping he will retire when his Senate term is over.

Given the reception he got at a party caucus last spring, he’s toast. The state party chairman had to ask people to stop booing when he was introduced.


The defender of murdering children speaks. I don’t really care about anything you have to say.

I love Trump and would love to see him back. But I have to agree that a DeSantis presidency would be awesome. So far he has been the perfect governor in Florida,

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Only the democrats would fervently support anyone who bows down to another man out of his own free will and not custom or force. Romney is dead to me.

Whenever I see anyone “take the knee” to show subservience or guilt I’m disgusted. I don’t trust or respect anyone who lives their lives on their knees.

But I do respect hookers more than Romney.


Next Rally:
Sat, July 03, 2021
08:00 pm (EDT)
Doors Open: 02:00 pm

Sarasota Fairgrounds
3000 Ringling Blvd
Sarasota, FL, 34237

NO! Don’t let the anti-Americans win their war on language.

The Democrats, media and other haters of America fought tooth and nail to make “Trump” a dirty name. Don’t let them succeed. “Trump” is a wonderful name! A blessing to America. Embrace it.

Yes, I worry about his age also, but does he seem like he’s slowing down at all? Some people are inexplicably productive and active will into their 80’s. (He doesn’t drink alcohol, maybe that’s his secret.)

Why on earth would you help hateful RINOs make “Trump” a toxic brand? No, it’s the best brand. We should use it as a synonym for “good” or “best”.

I was always puzzled why the media referred to Bush’s tax cuts as “the Bush tax cuts”. I couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t try to give credit to the Democrats or just not talk about them at all. Why give honor to the Republican president that they hated? It was years later that I realized they were trying to dirty the words “tax cut” and crucify Bush with them. Very bizarre.

But the evildoers passionately hate President Trump with every molecule in their evil bodies, so they’re trying to dirty his name. We shouldn’t let them. Everything “Trump” is good!

I was not helping the RINOs make Trump toxic. If you look at what I wrote, the main stream news media and the RINOs have made it toxic by their constant drumbeat of negative, manufactured news. The Russian collusion hoax was news for over two years. When it fell apart, there was almost no coverage of that. The two years of lies soiled Trump’s image, and it’s hard to change the people who don’t follow the news don’t know any better.

Getting a Republican president elected is almost impossible these days because of the one-party states who would vote for Hitler the Democrats nominated him. California leads the list.

The current open border policy is designed to flip Texas. That is the Democrat goal. If they get their rotten “voter rights” bill passed, they might well do just that, because all of those illegals will be organized to vote early and often without any IDs.

This is true. But when you respond by avoiding the use of the name “Trump”, you’re actually helping them succeed in their filthy hateful mission to make “his name into a toxic brand.

I think the thing President Trump did that I love most was to be honest about the media. They lied and lied and lied all day every day about every Republican president in my lifetime. But while President Reagan used humor to great effect to counter them, even he didn’t take them on directly anyways nearly as effectively as President Trump.

When I was growing up and our young pets crapped in the house, my mother would grab them and literally rub their noses in it before throwing them outside. They got the message and went outside to crap. President Trump’s response to the media was similar.

Fake News!” What other president had the strength to stand there and call it what it is? We need to follow his lead.

Not to uh, burst your bubble here, but search the term “Lügenpresse”

It essentially means “lying press” in German. Calling the media liars is in no way a Trump Original™

What other American president ever stood up to the media the way President Trump routinely did? What happens in other countries is irrelevant.

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Hmm, the point I was getting at is that it’s a propaganda technique popularized by the Nazis. Which probably explains why most American presidents have been so hesitant to employ the technique.

@Gene, 100% of the main stream media is on your side. You know it’s true, but you can’t admit it. Trump was the only true Republican President since Ronald Reagan.

Prior American presidents have been Democrats who benefit from media bias or the “Bush family RINO” who has told this country to shut up and let the Democrats take over permanently. They have voted for the Democrats in the last two elections by voting for impossible candidates. To hell with the Bush family RINOs.

I haven’t read it myself, but do you think Völkischer Beobachter newspaper ever said that Hitler lied the way our media routinely said President Trump lied? Did it ever say an unkind word about him? The Nazis had absolute control over the media the way the Democrats control much of the media here in the US.

I think it was probably not the Nazi owned paper, probably one of the other 4700 or so papers in Germany when he first came into power.

I don’t totally disagree with you, but perhaps not in the way you’re expecting. According to Chomsky’s propaganda model, the mainstream media sets up boundaries for conversation. He writes that ideally in a propaganda model, you want a press that appears left leaning. That way they can set the limit for how far left is acceptable. No mainstream outlet is calling for revolution or pushing radical left ideals, and that’s by design. If the media appears left leaning, then it would be unthinkable for most to suggest anything more radical than they already present, and the ideas wouldn’t be taken as seriously in the public arena.

Damn Ken. It’s like I’m reading a post that I wrote, except it’s for the wrong team.

And everyone knows Biden’s secret to being the greatest person ever is ice cream.