Hey all you who say islam is a peaceful religion


Ten Horrifying Stories of Muslims Gang Raping White Woman

Ten Horrifying Stories of Muslims Gang Raping White Woman
March 18, 2013


In Stockholm, Sweden, as many as 20 Muslim men gang-raped an 11-year-old girl. A mother was hosting a birthday party at a public bath/swim center for a group of 11 and 12 year old children. Up to 20 Muslim men who lived at a nearby refugee center arrived at the public bath. They immediately began to assault the children, ripping their swimsuits off and beating the boys when they tried to stop the assault. Eventually, the men cornered one of the little girls in a grotto in the bathhouse and gang raped her. The police refused to make any arrests.

Go to the link for more stories.


Why does their religion matter? Evil men are evil regardless of their religion.



[quote=“Moby, post:3, topic:38725”]

[/quote]You ought to know by now the terrorist lovers will accept no truth about their beloved fellow jihadists. Until they come for them too.


My next door neighbor is a midget and a kleptomaniac. Therefore all midgets are kleptomaniacs.


Trekky and OSB; These are STUPID, non-rational arguments and you should be better than that. Islam has made it known, they are not , I REPEAT NOT peaceful but at war with all who they consider enemies of Islam. If those who claim to be peaceful Muslims, actually act in peaceful terms and actually work to end the warfare tactics of their fellow Islamists, if they forcefully speak out against the Jihad called for in the Koran, and practiced by the Islamic jihadists, I might consider rethinking my position on Islam.


One of the biggest and most haunting mistakes of the Bush administration was the declarative statement that we are engaged in a “war on TERROR”. It appears political correctness won out early on in terms of enemy identification - and we are paying for it still.

We should have clearly identified the enemy - We are, in fact, NOT engaged in hostilities with crazy Christians, hostile Hindus, jacked-up Jews, or bad-ass Buddhists, or maniacal monks. We are, in fact, engaged in hostilities with RADICAL ISLAM - RADICAL ISLAMISTS!! PERIOD. Many of our leaders continue to deny this fact.

Words should be used to clearly convey meaning and purpose. Political BS simply conveys BS.


Once every single person in the world is a Muslim then there will be peace. Except for the occasional gang rapes and stonings and beheadings and whatever violence they inflict upon their own.


Because this is common among Muslims.

One big thing I picked up on in AFG, women are for babies and young boys are for fun. That is their common culture.

BTW, it’s not the hindus in India committing all these gang rapes there. At least not that I’ve read. If someone has a different link, please post it.




And I always hear this crap: “The peaceful Muslims are afraid to speak out because of the violent ones!”

… no further comments.


At the expense of appearing to pile on, allow me to ask this question: Of all the armed conflicts currently underway in the world which ones, if any, do not include Muslims?


I agree that Islam is a violent religion, but there are other ways to show it than claiming they also gang rape. Do we need to point out the gang rapes that happen in the US Army? Or the current Stuebenville rape case? Or how about this: Did you know that according to the Justice Department, prison rape makes up the majority of rape cases in the United States? Look in the mirror. Muslims are not the perpetrators of rape in the world, especially when the United States and western countries have incredibly high per capita rape statistics. As far as I know, Muslims are not “known” for gang rape. The only people who claim that are strictly anti-Islamic websites, and claiming they do distracts us from actual solutions to rape.


Trekky Trekky Trekky. When the religious leaders order a gang rape to occur, it ceases to be just another statistical occurrence of rape. I don’t think any military commanders ordered any rapes. I could be wrong. Islam uses it as a form of punishment from what I’ve read. But hey; I don’t live in a Muslim country so all of this could be a bunch of made up hocus pocus. I am inclined to believe that the mutilations I’ve read about were religiously motivated. And there has been enough confirmed lunacy in Islam to cause me to believe that an Imam would order a woman to be raped. And the devout followers would do it.


If that is the case, then I’ll concede. This is just another example of why Islam is a stain on the world.


That is a REAL deterrent. Of course, those who do speak out receive no press coverage within the MSM because they actually blame the terrorists themselves instead of Bush or the US.

The clergy within my wife’s sect did speak out against killing people via suicide bombers in the name of God by stating that they were not going to heaven for their evil deeds. The government of Iran rewarded them by systematically desecrating the burial sites of the Muslim clergy within my wife’s sect because they did speak out against such violence. My wife’s Muslim sect was declared ILLEGAL by the government of Iran. She had to live with this so called “crap” every day of her life.

This can also apply to those that are no longer living in the old country. If they speak out, their family and loved ones in the old country are also at risk of violent persecution. It is not “crap” it is very REAL.

Having said this, they are just going to have to get over this fear because, people in the US will automatically condemn them for their silence as you just did. They are screwed either way so, they should just bite the bullet and start speaking out more and in ways that goes around the MSM’s efforts to block them out of the news.


Do you not see the irony in my statement Conservative Lib? (nice to see u by the way. you too trekky)
It is Islam killing Islam. The so called “religion of peace’s” peaceful members are singled out for murder. To be a safe Muslim you have to get with the hate program or literally go into hiding. It’s just my personal opinion, but “peaceful” Muslims aren’t really practicing Islam at all. Call it what you will, but it is not pure Islam. Islam in its purest form creates terrorists and havoc. And I stand by that statement. Peaceful “sects” are just that; a sect. One, tiny, sect.


Is your wife still a muslim? If so…why?


Are you still Protestant or Catholic? If so, Why?


I am nothing. And I like my religion. :slight_smile: