Hey Democrats and Liberals, what say you about Clinton rigging elections?


You still voting for the Criminal? Should someone this untrustworthy ever be trusted with the bomb? Or anything else? What excuses will you make for her?

Trump’s worse?


I notice the media is very quiet about the results of this last debate and the fact that Trump cleaned the floor with her.


The MEANS justify the ENDS…


All the media can talk about is the statement Trump made about not accepting the results of the election. That, of course, sent Hillary into a hissy fit. The old cow became a cat for a brief moment.


Hey Democrats and Liberals, what say you about Clinton rigging elections?
Well I’m neither a democrat or a liberal but I’ll chime in. At this point with all we know about the democrats because of all the leaks…Anyone that doesn’t suspect something underhanded in certain key places would seem to me to be a fool. My “guess” is that those places will only be mostly free from something underhanded if there’s a lot of fear that they will be caught. On the other hand, I’m not sure the fear of being caught will stop them from trying something. Hell we KNOW that they do it, why would we bank of them not doing it just this time?


Yes, Oaks. I don’t think liberals/Democrats care at all. Dishonesty and crime are merely tools when handled by folks who hold the correct opinions, in their minds, I think.


That was an interesting video. I saw 37 minutes and about tl;dwed, but I ended up watching the whole thing… and then almost two hours of one of his livestreams. His friends are hilarious, damn. I’ve got 3 new subs, and I almost never subscribe to YT channels. I’ve been looking for actually funny conservatives(aside from Ann Coulter) for ages.


He’s not a conservative. He’s got more a left libertarian tendency. Despite the length, I watch quite a few of his videos fairly regularly – compared to other related channels.

Which subs did you pick up?


Hillary is worried that Russia is trying to get Trump elected? That is FUNNY as HELL if you think about it. Her poor handling of emails allowed Russia to get copies of them. The emails make HER look bad because of what she said in them. I’ll repeat that part…because of what she says in them. She has never said that those emails or even 1 of them is fake. So basically she is saying that IF people know what she is really doing or really saying about them, they won’t elect her. And somehow it’s the Russian’s fault?


The other people in his livestream(plus one of their friends). They’re not doing long, detailed things. More like response videos. Not super intellectual or very detailed, but well reasoned, and entertaining.

Armored Skeptic
Blaire White

Apparently Shoe and Armored Skeptic have done guest episodes for Sargon. So you may already have seen them before.


I have. I’m subbed to Blaire White too.


I don’t even believe that the Russians are behind Wikileaks. Logically, why wouldn’t they want her as president? She can be controlled by blackmail or bribery. Trump, on the other hand, is an unknown quantity and unpredictable. Many U.S. government agencies say that evidence points towards Russia; sounds like plausible deniability in case it turns out to be some teenage geek operating out of mom and dad’s basement. We really have faith in the honesty of our federal government agencies . They would never mislead us for political motives, right.


I’m a bit in-between on that one. I feel like Clinton is making this Russia thing up, specifically because she wants a confrontation with Russia. In that sense, I think they’d prefer Trump as they do not want a second Cold War. But their preference for Trump is mostly a direct response to Clinton taking up a potential war footing.


I am with Old Dog on this. Russia is a VERY VERY CORRUPT country, always has been, made worse under the USSR and its socialism exper. I have friends that do business over there and wow the stories they tell, corruption is rule 1.

That said, just think for a second who do they want in office, Trump or HildaBeast. Now I know some are gonna say will Trump is in Real Estate and he has to have some corruption. YEP I agree, but he wins. Now lets look at Hilda and the Russian Reset, Iran, Libya and the list is as long as your arm, she is a LOSER, she can be bribed, she would sell her own daughter if she needed to. She does not win…


why wouldn’t they want her as president?
The U.S. & Russia are at odds how to handle ISIS. Russia wants to kill them & the U.S. (Obama) wants to kiss their butt. Hillary would continue the smooching rather than say that they are wrong. So it wouldn’t shock me if Russia had a hand in it & if they did I’d sure thank them.


Nothing would make me happier than if a Clinton presidency causes Russia to take over the Middle East.
Convince me of that, and I’d vote for her.


An interesting angle but wouldn’t that just be kicking the can down the road?


Maybe. I don’t have a solution for the ME. But restoring it to secular military rule, seems highly preferential to a democracy of fanatics.

I’m hoping that technology and modern wealth will help curb religious fanaticism. With stability, the people in those countries will see economic growth and advancing technology.

Of course it may just make for a more powerful enemy in the future. But if not, buying time is probably the best strategy.