Hey guys! Guess who I found???


I belong to another forum called “God and Science” which is a Christian forum. Great folks there, btw! And guess who’s prowling around there? ALTER2EGO!!! And, she’s got the same arguments going over there as she did here. She’s only new there for a few days, but already she’s got people pulling their hair out with her typical non-responses and accusations of being persecuted, etc. I did respond to her few comments–I reminded her of who I was. So far, no responses. I alerted the site administrator about her and he was very grateful that I let him know. He says that he found out that she is a black woman 43 years old living in…are you ready for this???..BEVERLY HILLS, CA!!! So, she must have a lot of time on her hands to be trolling around the internet. He also told me that if her jw superiors were ever to find out that she’s on the net, she’d be in BIG trouble. So, Susanna’s original question was totally on the mark!

I’m sure she’s joined other groups as well. Just thought it was amusing…


Maybe you could link the folks to that other forum to the Trinity thread here. On the other hand, it sounds like many or most of them already have her number…


Here it is: View topic - Genesis Creation vs. Darwin’s Macroevolution Myth • Evidence for God from Science

I will paste it onto the trinity discussion, too.


What a life she lives. So strange.


Well that’s for sure. I don’t get it. Anyway, it’s interesting to read the same stuff on another forum!


ALTER2EGO reminds me of another poster on RO who copy and pastes the same stuff an about 20 different forums


These folks need to get a job or a hobby. Even though I’m temporarily “retired” I have other things to do besides sitting at this computer. Maybe she needs to hit the road with the rest of her jw brothers and sisters instead of trolling the internet. It is interesting to note, too, that there is a thread at this forum called “Jehovah Witness”. She has not commented on it.


Actually, I was thinking that you could post the Trinity thread on the other site so that the folks over there can see what she was up to here.


Oh! Ok! I’ll have to ask the mod if that’s ok, but I’m sure it will be. She is ranting and raving again about how they are all against her and “persecuting” her. She did start a “trinitarian conspiracy” thread there, and like here, there are lots of people who are trying to show her how wrong she is. But like here, she just ignores them and their posts. She did provide a link to her posts here and one guy told her that she shouldn’t have done that because he said that what he read was really good and honest people providing her with biblical answers to her questions. That went over like a lead balloon. She then said that she would leave if that is what everyone wanted. BOO-HOO, eh?


I registerd there this AM. It looks intesting, independent of A2E’s presence. Should I post a “Hello” in one of her threads?


OMGosh! She’ll have a stroke! Hahaha! I think you’ll like it there, Pete. Not too much political stuff, but good stuff nonetheless! See ya there!


Could you maybe do me a favor over there? Could you ask A2E a couple of questions for me?..

  1. Do you believe that Jesus is God?
  2. Do you believe that Jesus is holy?

Please Be Honest .. Fear Of Dying

LOL! I really did laugh out loud!! You are too funny!! But, I am going to do that right now. I’ll let you know if there is any response! This may push her over the top, ya know!! :freaked:


Ok FC. I did it. We’ll see what happens, but my guess is she’ll just ignore it.


Probably; thanks for posting it! Does happy-as-a-Clam dance


Sort of a version of this, FC?


Or the break dancers in my birthday image:


Wow…those are quite clever and cute! You should really have your own clam-ation website, FC!


Did A2E ever say anything? I’m sure she didn’t actually answer the questions…


I think he should have his own “Clam store” on Cafe press. I had several shirts made for him there with some of his clam pics. Only the last ones, they had them up too high, and not big enough. I couldn’t change them. And it takes forever on our slow dial-up to upload one of them.