Hey guys


Hey guys

I’m not really sure how to start these things out so I guess I’ll just hop to it. I’m recently back in the States after spending most of my life in the UK and Republic of Ireland; it’s nice being home, a little strange getting used to things here after being in quaint little Europe, but very much glad to be back.

Strangely enough before I moved abroad just over 17 years ago now I was a registered Democrat; my brother and I both shared unkind opinions of Reagan and it pushed me onto the blue side of the playing field but, suffice it to say, the last four and a half years have comfortably changed my mind. I’m a Patriot, I love my country and am glad to be back, but I question how long it has left under the auspices of one Mr. Hussein Obama. That’s what brings me here. Not truly knowing my way around the Republican side of the lines, so to speak, I’m hoping to meet some people who share my views and see what’s out there for me. Looking forwards to some of the debates and discussions on this forum, so, eh, go easy on me I guess!!

Talk to you all soon,



Welcome, and I hope you enjoy RO.


Welcome to RO

You might have changed a lot but politics hasnt, assuming you preferred Carter to Reagan then. Obama shares a lot of parallels with Carter and the ideal republican is still Reagan for the most part.


I certainly agreed with many of Reagan’s policies, don’t get me wrong, as you pointed out I have changed, politics have not - many of the issues I chided Reagan on in fireside chats with my brother and father I have since softened my opinions on, but I feel, still to this day, there was a cult of personality, shall we say, around him that blinded some, now as then, to some of his minor failings while in office. That is strictly a personal opinion, though, and I respect that it has very little influence on how I view his policies or those policies of his that remain a staple of the GOP - policies that I by and large agree with wholeheartedly.




Hi and welcome!



Please be sure to read our Guide to Surviving RO. The questions are to help us start to get to know you in a sometimes fun way. Besides, we’re a nosy bunch.


Bill, are you Marine Corps, or did you choose the user name for another reason?

Welcome, enjoy the site.


As strange as it sounds my mother’s family’s motto was once “Semper Fidellis,” back when they were Anglo-Saxon lords in England. Seeing as how its also used by the USMC I decided, why not run with it. I mean no disrespect to any serving or former Marines on this board, it just so happens to be my family motto as well.


Roger that, just making sure. I like to see my Brothers on here.