Hey guys

Hey guys I had this crazy thought you know the other side the Republicans they deny losing elections they overturn Precedent they stack the court slowly sit on open judiciary seats. They can win an election a national election with 47% of the vote At this point why are we playing by the rules? Shouldn’t be a proverbial free for all at this point.

I thought it was…
Do you believe that the NSA conduct domestic monitoring of social media? You are also aware that the Feds are very edgy right now, expecting something to happen…
I’m concerned when anyone uses terms like “Molotov” which we know is hyperbole but might lead to questions from the Feds to you.
It’s what John LeCarre referred to as "Moscow Rules”: They have the technical ability… assume they are using it,

Yeah that!

Last night I was really feeling a molotov itch not gonna lie. Yet I did the responsible thing took a handful of sedatives and slept that feeling off. Don’t tell me none of you ever got so upset you wanted to harm someone. Carl Gustav Young said he was so angry as a young man at his headmaster accusing him of plargisim that he literally at that point had the propensity to do great harm to the man but his size and stature stopped him.

Honestly at this point I’m surprised that the feds haven’t come knocking but I use heavy encryption and obsfucation a lot. That shouldn’t be enough to throw a nation state off. The point is I’m not the only one who feels this way. Does it mean I’m going to do it no. A lot of people have gave in recently and have done so.

I regularly talk with a Hungarian expat in Norway. I asked her can hearts and minds be change or do they only understand fear. She suggested the latter, my cousin has mentioned it does that me she’s gonna torch a building. Were upset as hell and I don’t think any of you really get it. Everyone would rob a bank if they knew they could 100% get away with it. Everyone close to barely holding up the mortgage. The consequences there of are what stop them.

I remember a time during covid where nobody renewed their plates or insurance and the police did no Unnecessary stops the jail was at 10% capacity only the worst in there and we did just fine. I’m literally at the point where the ABC groups are either too busy to deal with me, or I haven’t crossed their threshold where they intervene. People have said the same thing about my father during the Trump presidency how is he not in jail for saying all that jazz. I tell ya what he’s the kind of person that gets stopped for two hours pre flight. I’ve never flow I’m afraid of it so I don’t worry. One time at the border I was refused onward entry and taken back and released on foot lol. Its safe to say they know I exist, its safe to say they restrict my travel a few of my purchases have been destroyed I have 3 letters from Customs and Border protection I want framed and one from DHS. Groups I’m in on Facebook make fun of killing cops and glorify Ted Kazinsky in dark humor. So obviously bigger fish.