Hey, RW, the Pack is back

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Although some Packers fans don’t, I still love Brett Favre
[/quote]What’s not to like about “Fave-ree”? (My wife’s pronunciation).

His gunslinger mentality? Granted, that resulted in a lot of interceptions, but it also resulted in a lot of touchdowns. To this day, I don’t think anybody can throw across their body to the opposite side of the field as good as Favre did.

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I hate the Dolphins. But I hated them especially when Marino played with them. He was an arrogant jerk.

ahh packers,!!!

Yeah, I remember that. They had the white helmets with the orange face and their jerseys were comparable to the Tennessee Vols.

I don’t like pro football much. I’ve been a Cowboy fan since moving to Texas in the mid-1960’s, but don’t much care about watching pro games any more. Seems as if the teams are all full of highly over-paid, prima donnas without an iota of fan loyalty any longer. I love football, but prefer HS and college ball to the pros these days.

I only watch football when da Bears are playing, and they didn’t play this last game–they just gave it away. Idiots.

The Packers have a pretty good group. My college team sucks.

It made me happy!!!


And that’s the way it’s supposed to be, and remain so, if everything is in the right place in the universe. Anything else would throw the Earth out of orbit.
Right. whats that phrase I used to hear in grad school all the time? MCP! but I know perfectly well that’s not you. JBG’s assumed personas are becoming contagious. (I enjoyed being Queen Sourpuss at times but she was not very popular, not sure why.) getting back to football, I’ve heard that Condi Rice can hold her own with **anybody **on that subject.

Again, the way it’s supposed to be for you gals.
you mean you really, truly understand EVERYTHING about football?

My wife has always gotten apoplectic at the pronunciation of his name. She always says it should be “Fave-ree”. I don’t think the Louisiana dialect fits too well with her Alabama speech.

if we were serious about pronouncing Favre’s name the French way, Lynn would be wrong but so would all the rest of us so far. I think it would be something like FAHVHRRH (it should sound at the end like you’ve got something stuck in your throat).


What’s not to like about “Fave-ree”?
his departure from the Packers was messy in the extreme. I felt bad because he had been “Mr. Green Bay” for so long, that’s the way it should have ended, with him being sort of wafted off the field in clouds of glory. his indecisiveness served everyone very badly including himself. but I hope and believe that as time goes by, those fans who are bitter will be healed by Rogers’ prowess and will forgive Favre and remember all the good times he gave them. I never actually stopped liking him, even when I was saying, “Brett, whatever are you thinking of?” there at the end. (Apparently he couldn’t hear me, even though I spoke directly into my tv.)

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I only watch football when da Bears are playing, and they didn’t play this last game–they just gave it away. Idiots.
[/quote] they were up against the PACK, heh heh.

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they were up against the PACK, heh heh.
[/quote] sorry CT, I think we are talking about two different games.

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ahh packers,!!!
[/quote] I take it that “ahh” is used here to express pleasure, gratification, and admiration?

or, on the other hand, did you post this from your dentist’s office?..

That’s hysterical!! I actually liked McMahon–I thought he was a good football player, but a nutjob for sure. And, you have to admit that Ditka was entertaining!

a little too close for comfort today. against the Vikings yet!