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We weren’t. We were just taught exactly what happened during the Holocaust: Kristallnacht, The Concentration camps, and etc. My World History teacher isn’t biased about what she’s teaching :slight_smile:
[/quote]Did you learn of Dr. Mengele’s “experiments” or about Einsatzgruppen? Or FDR’s infamous failure to help the Jews?

Surprisingly no we weren’t. We went really fast through that unit though, so the teacher didn’t go into extreme detail. Maybe I’ll learn about it in my Junior or Senior year, but I wouldn’t mind being taught about it here either :slight_smile:

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I sure hope you weren’t taught to deny the Holocaust.I’m also a Ted Cruz person. I started a Facebook group called “Liberal Democrats for Cruz.”
[/quote]Hehe, you really did! Lol

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Hehe, you really did! Lol
[/quote]Here’s the URL for the group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/870224513035203/ . Let me know your FB name (either PM or on there) and I’ll add you. This is my FB link, https://www.facebook.com/jim.gl if you want to get me there.

JBG is RO’s officially unofficial Sense of Humor Tester.

I’m just testy.


Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here and make friends along the way too :slight_smile:️:v:️

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JBG is RO’s officially unofficial Sense of Humor Tester.
[/quote]Actually I want people to know that we have liberal Democrats on the site.