Hey everyone, Been reading the forum for a while just wanted to introduce myself - what’s up?


I guess these bots like Conservative food or something…

Must be. I see lots of 'em “creating threads” here that never get posted.

Hey back at ya.

This was a bot whose account has been deleted.

We have all been over there for well over a year and some longer.

That thread attracts some of the most vile trolls on the planet. We had hoped after they won the election things might improve. Well it got worse.

We were just looking for another place to chat. I found this site and told my friends I thought they might like it.

If you have ever been on the human events Ann Coulter thread you know of which I speak.

This site is going to be confusing for many of my friends of which I am fairly certain another one just joined.

We are not abandoning the Coulter thread. Just needed some fresh air.

Before the election the thread was getting 10,000 post a week 40-50% trolls.
The fighting was fierce and endless. that has dropped to 7-8,000 post per week now. Still 40-50% trolls. That is just the traffic on the Ann Thread.

Most of us are middle age or older and myself I am just plain tired and need a rest.

My strange activity here is simply attempting to familiarize myself with the new tech.

As much as I love Human Events their site is in the stone age :wave:

Well, as long as the mods don’t object to your “strange activity.” But you don’t have to post to everything, just to begin with, you can just read. If you have a legitimate comment to make, even if it’s an old thread, by all means, do. That’s what newbies do.