Been a member here for a while, but haven’t posted much. Some may recognize me from another conservative forum. Anyway, good to be here.


Hey! Aren’t you an old RightNation poster?


Yes. Plus I’m almost 50, so I am old…


Ha, my daughter is 51; I am old - 77 next month.


Happy Birthday in advance, then. Not too close to Christmas is it? Friend of mine’s birthday is December 26. I think as a kid he got the short end of the stick when it came to presents.


December 27. Thanks! My son - Fantasy Chaser - turned 48 last month.


Appreciate the welcome. Actually my 50th is on 11-11. In lieu of gifts, just send beer…


[quote=“Susanna, post:6, topic:36981”]
December 27. Thanks! My son - Fantasy Chaser - turned 48 last month.
[/quote] Wait, is he really your son?




I never knew that…
Mind = Blown.


I’ve seen you post a time or two, but officially “Welcome”


Welcome. Always nice to see another RN refugee


Welcome. Always nice to see another RN refugee. I was banned 3x from Queen Lisa


Hey, good to see you again, Trance.


Well, thank ya very much. I admit I was gone for a while. Just got depressed by the direction our great nation is heading towards, and had to take a step back and ‘tune out’ for a while


Welcome… back to RO!


I thought your name was familiar. I still keep a membership there, but am pretty much drifting away from it. Read the thread about them here. Seems kinda weird.


That whole place has become a train wreck. I was banned because I called out a Liberal Troll, but becasue he was a paying member and I was not, Lisa sided with him.

Oh well. Let them keep their clubhouse with their narcissist leader and her little group of suck-ups.

I prefer quality members over quantity members any day of the week


I’m honestly surprised that they survived once Lisa took over.


As long as you don’t mind brown-nosing her or any of her little suckups, they’ll turn a blind eye when you violate the same rules and policies everybody else has to adhere by