Hey (-:


RwNj’s point was that all magenta text has poor readability. And nix on the insults.


oh yeah, I’ve been told this many times on other websites but I don’t really see a problem with it.
Sorry if it hurts your eyes?


I predict a short stay. Just a kid playing


Don’t be so sure.


**I’m serious babe
this was like a month before the election srry i look bad



edit- oh crap there are no spoilers on this website! Sorry for the huge picture then.


Yep just playing


That picture is proof that I love him and I am 100% serious.
For my English class, I had to write a personal narrative on something that happened in my life that I learned a lesson from. I wrote mine about the election and how people were incredibly rude to me because I’m a Republican etc. I got a 95 on it : -)


A Republican in New York? I admire your bravery.


yeah… it’s pretty rough /: It’s strange enough that I’m a teenage girl who is a Republican that loves Mitt Romney, but the fact that I live in such a liberal state makes it even harder to believe.


Yep, the magenta is bad for text. For an occasional comment, OK, but for constant reading, it hurts these old eyes. And your avatar is a bit big.


Take care when arriving on a new site. You can be welcomed or you can begin to turn people off before they get to know you. This is from a cranky old man here. I appreciate young people getting involved with their local politics, and indeed try to be viable wherever they can. It is so important . Too many young follow smooth talking snakeoil salesmen, and lose sight of reality. There are very smart people here, you can learn so much if you are willing to listen as well as speak. I for one welcome you, and Pray you gain great insight and understanding of todays world.
As for the text color ----not a great idea , let’s see if you can tone it down for a bit. Enjoy and participate. God Bless


Justin Bieber? Allrighty then.


[quote=“JStang, post:32, topic:39180”]
Justin Bieber? Allrighty then.
[/quote]Yeah, it’s got to be a joke. :wink:


We haven’t seen E-doggy in awhile.


lol it’s not but okay
I ordered a ROMNEY RYAN 2012 shirt about a week ago and it came today <3 it’s pink! **

who’s that?


[quote="_mitt, post:35, topic:39180"]
lol it’s not but okay
I ordered a ROMNEY RYAN 2012 shirt about a week ago and it came today <3 it’s pink! **

who’s that?
[/quote]If it’s a joke, many would guess it was edog’s warped sense of humor :wink: he’s a retired moderator


oh you think I’m him? lol


[quote="_mitt, post:37, topic:39180"]
oh you think I’m him? lol
[/quote]That’s the gist of CL’s kidding around, yeah.

Justin Bieber isn’t a joke? Well, I should have expected him had to have a fan somewhere, I suppose.


But not a 17 year old fan!! LOL


Jeez, you act like I’m like 25+