Hezbollah leader affirms support for Assad in Syria


[SIZE=3]Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah makes his most definitive pledge of support for the Syrian government’s forces in their battle against rebels.
BEIRUT — The leader of the militant group Hezbollah on Saturday aligned his powerful movement squarely behind the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad and vowed victory against Syrian rebels, whom he assailed as proxy warriors for the West and Israel.
The televised comments by Hassan Nasrallah were the most definitive to date rallying Hezbollah to the defense of Assad’s government, which has been trying to put down a revolt by rebels supported by the United States and its allies…
Hezbollah leader affirms support for Assad in Syria - latimes.com

Hezbollah supporting Assad, no big surprise but I guess it’s now official. Think there’s any chance we can get lucky and just have Hezbollah burn itself out with this?


And so do I. i would take a dictator over a government openly run by terrorist anyday. Egypt, Lybia, Iraq, Pakistan. See what we get when we try and help.


Haha kind of. I mean it’s awesome he said the radical Islamist rebels are western proxy fighters. May or not be true but in light of the war on terror it just makes this whole situation comical. One extremist Islam group calls another a western proxy, ha awesome


Ditto. For once I actually support on of Hezbollah’s actions.

It’s strange how Hezbollah is actually fighting terrorist jihadists in Syria while Americans like Marco Rubio are actively seeking to get us to give the terrorists military support.


Assad is a TERRORIST. He funds Hezbollah. Just like the new government would. It really is a tragic scenario that I really can’t see ending well.


True. Personally I prefer Assad to a wildcard government.


The new government would NOT fund Hezbollah. Hezbollah and the Sunni terrorists who are fighting Assad hate each other. The hatred between extremist Sunnis and extremist Shi’a is usually greater than the hatred those extremists have for Israel.

Anyway, the US has funded way more ‘terrorist’ groups than Assad ever could dream of.


But they’re only terrorists if they are against America!


It may yet end well…but I’d say the odds are against it. Even if the rebels win, and even if they can prevent the jihadists from seizing power and even if they can settle the various internal power struggles…well a revolution is easy, building a nation is hard.

That said I doubt Assad can win at this point, he doesn’t have the strength to hold all of Syria.


Assad needs to get the Kurds on his side. If he promised them autonomy and special rights in dealing with Iraqi Kurdistan he could probably win them back. He also needs to promise the more than 2 million Christians further protections and perhaps promise the million refugees from Iraq some sort of path towards citizenship.

If he did that, he could probably muster enough support to remain in power.


Al-Qaeda backs the rebels, Hezbollah and Iran backs Assad. It’s a lose/lose scenario.


Except for the fact that Assad fights al-Qaeda who is our enemy, protects Christians, and has upheld the peace with Israel.

I stand with Assad. McCain and Rubio stand with al-Qaeda.


Is also a brutal dictator responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people, is launching chemical attacks (chemical weapons are in the WMD category), is allied with Hezbollah a terrorist group that has pledged the destruction of Israel, and is also allied with Iranian government which has recently been cracking down on Christians.
I’m having trouble even seeing him as a lesser evil.


Evidence? Last I heard, no one knew who (if anyone) was using chemical weapons.


It’s Assad with the massive weapons stockpile, he is by far the most capable and most likely, plus the rebels don’t have scud rockets.
France: More Syria Chemical Weapons Use Signs Emerging
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I looked at four of your five links (didn’t bother with the Huff ‘n’ Puff). The words “allegation” and “suspected” were plentiful, but “confirmed” seemed to be well hidden…

By the way, they didn’t have Scud missiles for the WWI mustard gas attacks, either…


Brutal dictaor that keeps terrorist in line or or government run but known hostile terrorist groups or their supporters. The choice is very simple. Hell I would have Saddam back over what Iraq is today. I still wish we would of let him be.


You said evidence, I could amend my statement if you wish until it’s finally confirmed that Assad is using gas but I see very little room for doubt. WWI attacks used artillery to launch gas attacks, the rebels don’t have much in the way of artillery either.


Allegations are not evidence.

And while rifles are great for guerrilla warfare, a coup de tat against a well-armed goverment would have little chance without heavier weapons, including a fair amount of artillery. And given the fight that they’ve put up, I daresay they have it (don’t forget there have been plenty of defections to the rebel side; many of those would be military, and it isn’t unreasonable to suppose that some brought heavy weapons with them). And it only takes a single field piece to fire many shells, conventional or chemical.


The FSA have conventional as well as rocket artillery, there are a bunch of videos on liveleak as well as news stories.

There are numerous allegations that the FSA have used chemical weapons, by the UN and others. I have said it before- it makes perfect sense for them to do so, because it invites the foreign intervention they want.