Hezbollah Should be Called "Party of Satan"


Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag said on Sunday that Hezbollah, or “Party of God” in Arabic, should change its name to “Party of Satan,” blaming the terrorist organization for killing thousands of civilians in Syria.
“Those who stand by the Assad regime and kill their own Muslim brothers and indiscriminately kill women and children in the battlefield should not appeal to Islam and the Quran to legitimize their actions,” Bozdag said, according to Turkish newspaper Today’s Zaman.

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So, it’s apparently okay to kill Jews and Christians indiscriminately, but if you’re killing Muslims, well then, you must be evil…LOL


Is it really a surprise? I mean Christians have been murdered and slaughtered for thousands of years and have always had it worse. It’s the norm.


Here’s the irony, though. Had this been a Christian or Jewish group that called on Hezbollah to change their name, there would be a firestorm of protest from everyone in the media, op eds and the like, calling for the person who said such a vile and insensitive thing to apologize for the remark. There would also be a special meeting of the United Nations to combat what it would term, “growing Islamophobia among the Christians and Jews”. In this case, since it’s a Muslim who is calling for Hezbollah to stand down from killing fellow Muslims, there is no protest, in fact, there’s support there in the media. It’s truly sickening how transparently biased these people have become.


Says the guy who is supporting al-Qaeda associated terrorists who are actively killing Muslims across the Middle East with car bombs and suicide bombings, not to mention are massacring Shias in Syria by the thousands.


In fact, Allah is often called “The Great Deceiver.” And just who is The Great Deceiver"?


[quote=“Susanna, post:5, topic:39637”]
In fact, Allah is often called “The Great Deceiver.” And just who is The Great Deceiver"?
[/quote]I have great admiration for Islam. Enough making fun of them.