HHS to define human life as ‘beginning at conception’


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Here’s hoping it sticks.


Well, the pro-aborts aren’t going to like this. They’re probably going out of their minds as I type this. Oh well, they’ll recover–unlike the 60+ millions of unborn humans since 1973. I do believe that President Trump’s influence has caused this. Things are a-changin’ folks and it is all for the better!


The policy, yes. But abortion has been becoming less palatable to society for several years now.


Will be interesting to see where Kavanaugh lands on the latest issue related to this that’s come before the court (the Indiana thing).


Don’t know about the “Indiana thing” but abortion has certainly become less acceptable these days.


That’s good, if it leads to fewer abortions. But it might also portend various new legal difficulties. The constitution doesn’t refer to the start of life, but to being born. “No Person except a natural born Citizen …” and “All persons born or naturalized …”.


The only reason for that is that the founders never IMAGINED that we’d be murdering 60+ MILLION babies still in their mothers’ wombs.


There’s a lot of what goes on in this country that would cause the Founding Fathers to hang their heads in shame.


Or infuriate them.


Amen to that