Hi All

Hi, my name is Amare. I have never really been into politics but feel it’s my civic duty to learn more and become more engaged. After all, my generation will one day be in charge. I should probably learn what it’s all about:) So, I’ll have tons of questions and thank you all in advance for your assistance navigating this stuff.


Hi and welcome!

You will be welcome for as long as you are willing to ask questions and discuss civilly any issues that come up. If you are willing to do that, welcome to RO. If not, you may not be here long.

I am glad to see newcomers. But do realize that most of my posts are vitriolic and deeply personal attacks. I am from the Fred Hampton/Bobby Seale/Joanne Chesimard/Kathy Boudine school of politics.

I don’t think we need to buy trouble here. We get enough for free.

Don’t mind him. His daily exercise routine involves putting his tongue in his cheek…

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I perceived your welcome as defensive and passive-aggressive which is not very inviting. Why would you even think I wouldn’t partake in civil discussions?

I love the Pasteur quote! I am amazed more and more each day.

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I have no idea what any of that means but thanks for the warning. Why would you ever want to attack someone, though?

If you are referring to JBG, look again at Fantasy Chaser’s post. And we sometimes tend to be a little defensive because we have had people on here for no other reason than to stir up trouble. Don’t worry about them, they eventually get their foot so deep into their mouths that they choke on them!

My suggestion is don’t worry about it; I don’t think most of us anticipate trouble.

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We’ve had several (actually, MORE than several) newbies come here for the sole purpose of trolling on behalf of the left. They don’t last very long. My previous post was meant to serve as a CAUTION, not necessarily as a warning.

Thanks, Fantasy Chaser! Nice to meet you!