Hi from abroad!


Hi everyone ! :slight_smile:

My name is Matty and I’m from Germany. I always liked the Republican Party, because they show true dedication to their country (which we are missing here overseas). I am following the news media and watching Youtube videos about Republicans, who having arguments with liberals, mostly SJW, feminists and other new trend groups currently forming, with more and more imagined reasons to insult Patriots.

What is happening at the moment? Everyday I see more and more demonstrations, mostly consists of butthurt antifa and other left wing people who can’t handle valid arguments. Always countered with facts and then these people get emotional.

Wow, sorry what an introduction … :slight_smile:

I have been to your awesome and great country before, vacation :wink: I have been to the Great Canyon and in several southern states like Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana etc.

It is always a plesure to visit the United States of America and I respect the people there especially the Conservative Republicans and Patriots. Most citizen and residents were very friendly to me and do not treat me as a simple foreign tourie boy. :slight_smile:

I like the U.S. Police. In Germany the Police Officers do not have the assertiveness as the U.S. Police do, because of our laws, which says that you are never allowed to use any force to harm people, even if they harm you. There was a popular court case, about several years ago. In that trials, a man got 15 years in jail, because he killed a burglar with a bat. The burglar had a very big combat knife and attacked the man and stabbed him, he just defended himself. See, that is what is wrong in Germany if you are not allowed to protect your family, honor and property. If you do you are always in trouble. The police said, that you always need to be equipped with a mobile somewhere on your body, then hide and call the police…

Sorry I was excursive again.

I hope you liked my little big introuction and I am looking forward to read from you soon :slight_smile:

Best regards!


Welcome Matty!

What part of Germany do you come from?



I am from the state: North Rhine-Westphalia. It’s in western Germany close to the border to the Netherlands :slight_smile:


I’ve been to Frankfurt, but not to Cologne or North Rhine-Westphalia. When I was a drinker I loved my time in Germany. I’d enjoy it now as a non-drinker, but I’m sure it’d be a much different experience!


Haha nice :slight_smile: My Brother is a Police Officer in the country of Hesse, where Frankfurt is :slight_smile:


Drinking is normal here :slight_smile: You can buy low alc. liqour at the age of 16 when u get your ID card


Welcome to RO Matty!


Hi Matty - damit sind wir schon zwei, die Deutsch als Muttersprache haben!
Und ich bin vermutlich aus ähnlichen Gründen hier.

@ forum
Don’t worry: I will not continue writing in German.
(I only said that I speak German too)



Welcome to the site!


Willkommen! My grandparents were Volga Germans who left Russia before the Revolution.


Welcome . Wasn’t Rommel from Westphalia?


Greetings, Matty!
I was just Germany and the Netherlands this summer.
It is a pleasure to have you here.
Unfortunately, I think you’re a rare breed of European, because most of them have very liberal views and wouldn’t say 98% of the things you’ve said in your introduction.

Hope you enjoy it here!


Hello from adude! Get it? Ha! I’m so doggone funny it hurts!


Welcome Matty. I have an ancestor who was born in Bavaria, but immigrated to the US in the early 19th Century from Alsace-Lourainne when it was still part of Prussia. Most of my other ancestors came from Great Britain. Glad you are here. Despite my avatar, I am a man…not a “broad.”


Thanks for the warm welcoming greetings :slight_smile:


I don’t speak German but I did see many reruns of Hogans Heroes when I was a little kid, I seem to remember a lot of love for strudel…


I love strudel too.


I too, welcome you Matty. I am one of the old cranky kids here, but fun loving at the same time.