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Please explain to us how the Polish government “spending more” is “the best of both worlds.” How about letting the people to whom the money BELONGS “spend more?”

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They’re able to spend more as we get given money by the more affluent European countries, which allows us to cut taxes, so people can spend more of what they earn. I explained that quite clearly in my previous post.

So what’s happening to the people in those other countries who earned that money? Don’t they have any right to keep it? Or is it OK just because your country profits by it?

That money comes from their government’s EU expenditures, those countries have much better living standards than we do, so for the most part they’re doing pretty good. Well, everyone has to pay some form of taxation so it’d be ridiculous to suggest not to have any form of government expenditures funded through taxation, to pay for things like education, military, health, transport and whatnot. It’s put to good use in poorer countries on projects which help the countries grow, as well as some of our money goes to the development of other European countries.

So all you’re REALLY doing is passing around peoples’ money from one government to the next? That’s simply idiotic.

No it isn’t, it helps the less developed parts of Europe develop, as the 21st century has shown, Eastern and Central Europe have grown immensely whilst they’ve been in the EU.

And where do their governments get that money?

Obviously they get it from their tax incomes.

…and who is it that PAYS those “tax incomes?” The money belongs to those who EARNED it, and it was taken away from them at the point of a virtual gun! In ANY society, that would be called ROBBERY.

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